Black Diamond, Washington Speed Traps

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Downtown Area

Black Diamond, WashingtonJun 24, 20150 Comments

The downtown area of Black Diamond, which is on Highway 169 and also along Roberts Drive at the eastern end of Auburn-Black Diamond Road, is regularly patrolled by officers with speed guns with NO tolerance for above the speed limit. The western side of town (around Lake Sawyer Grocery) is a little safer since it’s not patrolled as heavily. Drunks and cruisers are also common; this is actually the reason for the draconian speed laws. Definitely drive a little under the speed limit through here and obey all signs and crossings.

Entire town of Black Diamond & slightly outside city limits

Black Diamond, WashingtonJan 06, 20140 Comments

Every Street in Black Diamond is a speed trap. Speed limits randomly change back and forth from 25-35 MPH along the same street. They sometimes pull over and ticket individuals who are outside the city limits. Do not know if the tickets stick but I’ll bet they do. Be wary of driving through between midnight and 5 AM. Police cars will sometimes tailgate you with bright lights on hoping to push you over the speed limit. in nearly 40 years of driving I have been breathalyzed 3 times. All three in Black Diamond and I blew a 00,00 all three times.

The entire town of Black Diamond is a speed trap.

Black Diamond, WashingtonApr 10, 20120 Comments

I used to live on Lake Sawyer and was stopped several times and received 3 tickets and 2 warnings I had to move before I lost my right to drive. I now live in Ecuador and everybody speeds, no tickets. Just don’t drive drunk, you will live in jail for a month.

Hwy 169

Black Diamond, WashingtonDec 04, 20100 Comments

As you enter town from the North or South you will be checked by the Barney Fife’s of this sad little town. My wife got a ticket for 4 over and contested at court. The fees for removing the citation from her record were more than the citation fee. What a racket! Avoid this town and do not give them your money in the form of traffic fines or by visiting the stores that allow such corrupt city government.

Not a speed trap – License plate light

Black Diamond, WashingtonMar 30, 20100 Comments

This is one of the most often used reasons that they will stop you. Very popular Black Diamond police stop.

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