Cle Elum, Washington Speed Traps

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Upper Peoh Point Road Westbound Elks Heights to Thorpe Highway

Cle Elum, WashingtonJul 06, 20210 Comments

During busy holiday weekends many drivers returning to the west side of the state on Interstate 90 take the Elk Heights exit west bound and transit Thorpe Prairie Road (50 MPH) which becomes Upper Peoh Point Road where it crosses I 90 westbound and becomes 35 MPH. It is very rural and 45 to 50 feels about right and after traveling 50 on Thorpe Prairie Road it is easy to just continue at 50 or so. The speed trap is usually set up about 5 or 6 miles west of the Elk Heights exit where Upper Peoh Pt Road rises and falls just enough to obscure your distant vision. Sometimes they have a large flashing electronic sign that says something like “Watch your speed. 35 MPH”. Just beyond that, they usually have two law enforcement vehicles set up and lots of times they are just waving cars over. We saw 5 cars waved over at one time.

State Highway 970 near Mile Marker 5

Cle Elum, WashingtonMay 10, 20061 Comments

Heading east out of town the speed limit slowly increases from 45 to 55 and then to 60 at about mile marker 5. Police patrol fairly heavily vehicles entering this slow down from the west (mile marker 5) or sit on the side of the road near Airport Road to get folks speeding up too early for the 60 MPH stetch or who failed to slow down in the 55 MPH stretch. Both State Police and Kittitas County Sheriffs deputies can be found on this stretch of road.

Interstate 90 East bound near Mile Marker 62

Cle Elum, WashingtonDec 03, 20043 Comments

At mile post 62 East bound on I-90, the speed limit decreases to 65 from 70, rather abruptly, on a down grade. State Patrol officers are camping out on the center median.
The Upper Kittatas County District Court is not interested in hearing mitigation either, so be cool on this stretch. You will still get to Spokane on time.

Interstate 90 near Mile Marker 69

Cle Elum, WashingtonJul 27, 20040 Comments

I test cars for a living and travel often along this stretch. It’s quite common to see police lurking around the corners with radar in hand. Note that through Snoqualmie the speed drops to 65 and jumps back to 70 MPH immediately after the speed trap (mile 65.5).

I-90 mile post 80-97

Cle Elum, WashingtonJul 26, 20020 Comments

WSP will usually sit just over a hill rise or around a corner and triger you with lazer, giving your detector no time to warn you. The WSP there use numerous vehicles, from motorcycles to suburbans.

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