Duvall, Washington Speed Traps

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In the middle of Duvall near Subway on Hwy 203

Duvall, WashingtonJan 02, 20190 Comments

For how long and open the road is people like to go over 30, police hide on the deadends and on side streets and get lots of people.

West Snoqualmie Valley Road

Duvall, WashingtonJun 29, 20180 Comments

This is a winding farm road between Monroe and Duvall, with just one short straight section with a broken yellow line where it is supposed to be legal to pass. Problem is the speed limit drops from 40 to 35mph at this section and the police like to wait at either end for people who finally get the chance to pass a slow-moving vehicle. The minute you speed up and pass someone you’re busted and flagged down by a waiting trooper.

Main Street near Woodinville- Duvall Road

Duvall, WashingtonAug 08, 20080 Comments

A lot of times there is a Duvall police officer camped out in front of the Duvall Market just as you get into Duvall from Woodinville-Duvall RD. Its almost always very late at night. Most likely looking for drunk drivers. Sits with out any lights on.

Cherry Valley Road near Tree Farm

Duvall, WashingtonFeb 25, 20081 Comments

There are three spots on this road were Motorcycle cops wait. All are in the valley. Most common spot is across from the tree farm in a drive way rite before you go over the creek. Another spot is by the old pheasant farm, and one more by the elementry (patrol car). This road used to have a safe speed limit of 45 mph, for some reason they dropped to 35 mph many years ago.


Big Rock Road

Duvall, WashingtonJan 31, 20030 Comments

Big Rock Road is one of the main roads into/out of the newer/big residential area of Duvall… so it is highly traveled. Posted speed limit is 35, and it is on a series of hills. In places, it should be fine to go 40-45. This hill is popular because there are tons of places to hide and drivers coast on hills. Driveways, bushes, sidestreets, behind signs… be careful all along this road for at least 2 miles after you turn at the Safeway heading East. I see police hiding on this road all times of the day and even late night.

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