Everett, Washington Speed Traps

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Marine View Hwy 529 Drive near Alverson Boulevard

Everett, WashingtonSep 26, 20070 Comments

When the speed trap is active, WSP is parked along the rock wall adjacent to American Legion Golf Course. The WSP vehicle cannot be seen by eastbound traffic because of the curve in the road.

US Highway 2 near Bickford Avenue

Everett, WashingtonJun 22, 20070 Comments

Travelling Eastbound on Highway 2, leaving Everett, you will pass over Ebey Island. At the Y, if you stay to the right on Highway 2, there are signs that the speed limit is strictly enforced. Heed these signs. After you round the first corner, everything is usually clear. This is where folks speed up. Upon rounding the second corner, approximately 1/2 mile from the first, this is where the highway patrol sits with their radar gun. I have seen this trap almost daily for a couple of years now. Also, if you are heading Westbound on Highway 2 from Monroe to Everett, just after you pass the exit for highway 9, the road will curve to the right. A highway patrol officer sits around this corner with a radar gun also. This is in approximately the same area as the patrolman on the other side of the highway catching folks heading East.

Interstate 5

Everett, WashingtonApr 10, 20061 Comments

Just before the south bound 164th exit there is a new overpass for the Park and Ride Commuter ramp only. WSP sits on this bridge and shoots laser between the two road signs. If you get hit they will come down the center ramp to pick you up southbound. If you think that you got nailed and trafic is clear you can get off at the 164th off-ramp just before reaching the commuter ramp. When you don’t show up on the south bound freeway it fource WSP to back up the ramp to come a-looking for ya…which they did in my case. I got trapped at a light just down from the ramp. WSP show up at the inntersection but too much time lasped and (he lost sight of me..I assume is why he did not pursue me) The only lights that came on during this was my laser detctor and I saw him aiming at me before he headed to the ramp. I was never pursued with lights….wew

Interstate i-5

Everett, WashingtonDec 22, 20050 Comments

There are state patrol officers routinely on the sides of the roads on either side shooting radar/laser. They commonly park on one side of the road next to a median u-turn and shoot the traffic coming towards them on the other side of the freeway. You think that since the cop is on the other side your ok. Your not. Also they routinely use unmarked cars in addition to slightly marked cars for pacing. The cars they use are late model Impala’s (gold/brown,blue) and late Model Crown vic’s (Maroon,blue). I was pulled over by an unmarked brown Yukon a couple years back. The common elements between these umarked cars are that they have dark (illegal for us citizens) window tint on all the windows. Plates are civilian on some and no antennas or push bars on some. Also they are almost always very clean which tends to stand out among the mud/dirt splattered cars of the northwest.

4th Avenue near Holly Drive

Everett, WashingtonApr 30, 20053 Comments

intense enforcement of 25 MPH speed limit

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