Kelso, Washington Speed Traps

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Interstate 5 near Exit Numbers 42 through 52 Northbound

Kelso, WashingtonJun 30, 20080 Comments

Unmarked Dark Grey Crown Victoria, driving northbound I-95 Kelso – Castle Rock – Vader stretch, for 20 miles, exits 42 trough 52. The cop is always driving the middle lane, and for brief moments the rightmost lane, waiting for cars to use the leftmost lane for passing. The cop will turn around and go southbound at the "free coffee" rest area that follows exit 52, where the 3+3 lanes interstate tuns into 2 lanes northbound, and 2 lanes southbound. Kelso 3 lanes northbound is the mark. The grey crown vic has foldable black 2nd driver side mirror. The Red-Blue lights can only seen from some 40ft distance if you really know to look for them. The crown vic + "nobody would buy this color" was the only telltale. Stealth. The cop is accompanied by unexplainable "congestion" of middle and right lane, with left eerily void of traffic. Same modus operandi can also be seen on I-95 in state of Maine, where 3+3 (and 4+4) northbound are followed all the way til the interstate narrows down into 2+2 lanes.


Exit 36 Overpass

Kelso, WashingtonJun 10, 20030 Comments

Kelso Exit 36 Northbound…Passing exit 36 Northbound when you go under the overpass look up to the right where there is a small hill…WSP sits right there. Also there is a turnaround in the middle of the freeway at approx MP 37 and MP 39 they sit there too. There is no airplane radar anywhere in Kelso, but down by Woodland, WA there is a airplane speed trap area but not used often.

I-5 Both Lanes

Kelso, WashingtonNov 21, 20020 Comments

There’s a couple of WSP Troopers who seem to pretty much hang around Kelso and ambush people behind overpasses, . I just had to go to court for a ticket, and there were about a dozen people there who had recieved ticket from these two guys- all were 82 or 83 in a 70. The Cowlitz County judge was thoroughly unsympathetic and completely refused to admit that the police-men would EVER make a mistake, regardless of how many witnesses there were to the contrary or mistakes in the statements. But then I mentioned the word "appeal" and we were able to make a deal…

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