Kettle Falls, Washington Speed Traps

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Entering or exiting town Kettle Falls

Kettle Falls, WashingtonNov 08, 20160 Comments

US Hwy 395 both north and south of the town of Kettle Falls, where the speed for passing by the town reduces to 35mph there is either an unmarked navy blue police sedan or an official Kettle Falls police SUV lurking. Filling their empty coffers by busting folks within close proximity of the 35mph change

Juniper Street, Kettle Falls, various locations

Kettle Falls, WashingtonNov 08, 20160 Comments

The speed limit coming off HWY395 in Kettle Falls onto Juniper Street (corner at Banner Bank) is 35mph but Juniper is 25mph easy not to notice this speed limit signage since there is a RR X-ing immediately upon entering the street. Town fills its empty coffers by issuing speeding fines for 32mph in 25mph zone. Look out for unmarked navy blue sedan or official police dept SUV lurking on side streets, at the park

Juniper Street heading downhill to Meyers Falls

Kettle Falls, WashingtonNov 08, 20160 Comments

Speed limit is 25mph on Juniper Street. Watch out at the steep hill going down to Meyers Falls. There is a navy blue unmarked police vehicle either parked at Evergreen just past the high school or at the Falls, issuing fines if your vehicle speeds up past 25mph going downhill. Poor town using the speed traps to fill their empty coffers

Between light at hwy 395 and turn onto Meyers Street

Kettle Falls, WashingtonNov 08, 20160 Comments

If you come into Kettle Falls from the South (and miss the speed trap where speed drops to 35mph for the small town) then make the left turn onto Meyers Street, the signage that reads ’25 mph’ is in a location where since you are still completing the arc of your turn it is very easy to miss if you keep your eyes on your turning lane and possible pedestrian crossings as well as a RR X-ing. But the speed limit for Meyers Street drops to 25mph. They will bust you for speeding at 32 mph before you even get to the post office. Huge fines and wasted time are not worth the trip to any of this town’s businesses.

Northbound 395 entering Kettle Falls

Kettle Falls, WashingtonNov 08, 20100 Comments

Police will usually wait off to the side as you enter the city and snag anyone going too fast. The speed limit drops from 55 to 35 in a fairly short distance, but there is a "Reduced Speed" sign prior to hitting the city. If you release the gas pedal as soon as you cross that Reduced Speed sign, most vehicles will coast down to the proper speed by the time they hit the city limit.

Warning: The police vehicle they have been using is usually the dark coloured one which is difficult to see. Just assume they are there and save yourself a ticket.

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