Loon Lake, Washington Speed Traps

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Parallel roadway along U.S. Hwy 395, between highway & lake.

Loon Lake, WashingtonApr 15, 20110 Comments

I was pulled over for "looking like" I was speeding–police officer was on a side road PERPENDICULAR to the highway and was NOT using radar, and was not in a position to even use it because of his position. He said that he "guessed" I was speeding at about 80 mph, pulled me over, and did me a "favor" by writing me a ticket for only 75 mph since he didn’t know exactly how fast I was going and a ticket for 75 was cheaper than 80 mph. Of course, it was probably not coincidental that I had out-of-state plates and that it would be easy to assume that almost anybody in that situation is more likely to pay the fine through the mail than travel many miles for their day in court to contest the ticket.

Although I feel that being issued a ticket in this way is a money-scamming-racket, I still paid it because it was indeed far more difficult and expensive for me to travel back to Washington state to contest the citation than to pay it. And I long ago learned a lesson about how essentially powerless a person is in this type of situation. Caught in an analagous (but not identical) type of trap as an out-of-state traveler through Arkansas 12 years ago, I was so disgusted by the unethical money-grubbing racket that the local sheriff’s office had implemented with this no-win speed trap just on the other side of a speed limit sign that I just didn’t pay the ticket at all–only to have it hit my credit bureau several years later and even generate a warrant for my arrest across state lines–the ticket ended up costing twice the original fine, my credit rating was dinged for 7 years, and my ability to buy a hunting shotgun was blocked on a background check, at which point I finally conceded and called the offending county sheriff’s racketeering office to pay the thing. As maddening, dishonest, and unethical as this sort of racket is, it is much better (and easier) in the long run to pay the stupid ticket.

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