Montesano, Washington Speed Traps

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Hwy 107 heading South from 101

Montesano, WashingtonFeb 20, 20130 Comments

Exiting from 101 west onto Hwy 107 heading south toward Raymond. Just before Chehalis River Bridge. Police car is hidden in front of lumber mill on the right. Watch your speed until you are across the river. They claim it is posted as a 40 mph. Quite the money maker I would wager.

US Highway 107 near US Highway 12

Montesano, WashingtonJun 04, 20080 Comments

40 MPH limit on Hwy 107 South of Hwy 12, outside of town. Coming to town northbound, police waiting behind a curve to collect Speed Tax. Happened on late Saturday afternoon. The speed limit is overly restrictive, since it’s outside of inhabited area. There is another, reasonable 35 MPH limit just at the edge of town. (Montesano – Grays Harbor County)


Main Street near State Route 12

Montesano, WashingtonSep 20, 20070 Comments

When you exit the highway, it says 45 mph. Then about 1/3 mile down the road, it says 25 mph. If you don’t have it memorized, you are caught.
(Montesano – Grays Harbor County)


Pioneer Avenue near 10th Street

Montesano, WashingtonJun 08, 20070 Comments

The Policeman is travelling Eastbound. He is shining his highbeams in your face. You are travelling Westbound at a slow rate of speed. The Policeman does a u-turn and pulls you over and says you were speeding. It is late at night or early in the morning. The actual speed limit sign is covered by tree branches making it hard to see at night.
This is contrary to State D.O.T. Regulations.
The highbeams flashing in your face also distract your attention from seeing the obstructed Speedlimit sign.
It is apparent that the City policeman knows you can not see the sign if he flashes his highbeams. There is no sidewalk or a school that would necessitate the need for a 35 MPH Speed limit sign. With the trees present, it has the appearance of a country road. There are houses but they are distant from the road, Pioneer Way West. The traffic is light.
Even though you know you were going only 35 MPH, the City Policeman insists you were going at least 10 MPH over the posted speed. He has a radar detector on his dash. He insists that it will work accurately when he is moving in any direction.
Many residents know about the Speed Limit trap. To my knowledge, there have never been any accidents on this stretch of Road west of Montesano City Limits. There is no real justification for the level of enforcement that is present.
The Trees should be cut down and a yellow caution light should be placed over the Speed limit sign so you can see it. This would make sense to me if safety is truly an issue.

Highway 107

Montesano, WashingtonMar 01, 20010 Comments

Being tourists, we were lost and stopped to check a map. Hwy. 107 was a shortcut to Oregon. Pulled out onto highway and accelerated to 45 mph and got a ticket for going twice the speedlimit of 25 mph. There is no reason for the speed limit. No schools, hospitals or any other reason. Highway speeds of 55mph drop to 45 in most towns on the Olympic Peninsula when they are in towns. Unsympathetic Montesano County cop gave the ticket. No visible way he could have clocked the car. On leaving, he did a U-Turn and IMMEDIATELY nailed a guy going the other way with no way of knowing his speed. Montesano Municipal Court judge in collusion. Ups the cost of the ticket with threatening letter to suspend driver’s license. Too dumb to realize we are from Canada where he has no jurisiction.

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