Naselle, Washington Speed Traps

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SR 4 East and West of Naselle

Naselle, WashingtonFeb 24, 20130 Comments

This entire area is a training ground for the State Police. Their office is right on SR 4 in Naselle. Chances are, if you speed anywhere on SR 4 near Naselle, you will be stopped – especially if you drive an out of state vehicle. Beware of driving even 3 miles over the speed limit in Pacific County. Avoid South Bend, Raymond and Naselle if you can.

SR 4 Between Mile post 4 and 6 45 mph Zone

Naselle, WashingtonJan 24, 20120 Comments

They are usually there at night. Two Staters working together to trap people, sitting without lights on the hidden fishing parking lots. The speed is too low at 45mph so most people go the safe speed of 55mph (Rural open hiway). They just laugh with one another on there “catch”, listening to the scanner. Please use caution thru here and they will not stay long.

Just as you come off U.S. Hwy. 101 and onto Highway 4

Naselle, WashingtonApr 01, 20100 Comments

Stater and county sheriff sit completly off the road facing oncoming traffic. You don’t see them til one or the other throws on his headlights and scares the brjeebers out of you since they’re on your side of the road. Then the overhead lights come on. Quick glance shows I’m at 60mph. Thinking the speed limit is 50 figure they got me for 10 over. Told the officer I was going 60 and his short response was that I was going 65+ which netted me a $143. ticket in a 50mph zone knowing that I wouldn’t drive 100 miles to contest it. The kicker was, the deputy pulled out and followed me to Naselle.

US Highway 101 near Bay Center Road

Naselle, WashingtonAug 11, 20050 Comments

State patrol officers traveling in pairs, I alway see someone pulled over on this highway and I drive it two to three times a week, if someone passes me its pretty likely I will see them pulled over shortly.

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