Port Angeles, Washington Speed Traps

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Apex of a tight curve on Hwy 101 at Morse Creek

Port Angeles, WashingtonDec 18, 20190 Comments

Located E of Port Angeles, as you head either E or W down the steep grade towards the U turn on Hwy 101, there is a police cruiser oftentimes sitting on the inside of the curve with radar. Speed changes from 55 to 45 to 40 quickly and, going downhill, it’s easy to go too fast. Gotta apply lots of brake to keep it at the right speed, not usual on a highway.

At the R corner Fire Station

Port Angeles, WashingtonOct 15, 20100 Comments

The state patrol sits in the driveway of the firestation in an unmarked car and waits. This section of road 2 lanes each direction, but the eastbound side is preparing to merge into a single lane so drivers have a tendency to speedup to get around the car beside them.

Near Fairview Bible Church just off Hwy 101

Port Angeles, WashingtonApr 27, 20102 Comments

There is speed trap located at 385 Obrien Rd (Fairview Bible Church) just off Hwy 101. The police are partially hidden by day and invisible at night. This portion of Obrien Rd. is a hill so motorists naturally pick up speed both going up the hill or down the hill. This portion of Obrien Rd. is marked at 35 mph but the same type road on the other side of Hwy 101 called Old Olympic Hwy is marked at 40 mph in this area. This is a true, natural speed trap because of the hill. All the police have to do is show up and start writing tickets.

The intersection of US 101 and Buchanan Road

Port Angeles, WashingtonMar 20, 20101 Comments

This is just inside the zone on 101 where the speed limit changes from 55 mph to 45 mph. The Highway Patrol sits in an unmarked car on Buchanan Road (C’est si Bon Restaurant) somewhat hidden from view. They are there about 40% of time just waiting for someone who does not slow down in time…

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