Raymond, Washington Speed Traps

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Between Dixon & Elkhorn Co Rds 2-6 miles N. of Raymond

Raymond, WashingtonMar 08, 20110 Comments

2 long straight of ways where people like to pass. State Patrol cruises the area with on coming radar & laser, Best to have your radar detector on in this area.

Colorado St & United States Highway 101

Raymond, WashingtonFeb 25, 20090 Comments

Anywhere on Hyw 101 at last 50 miles each side of Raymond during the summer months with tourist’s with out of state licenses it is a hot bed for speed traps. We saw more highway patrol on 101 in that area then any other place we have been & we got cought 10 miles over the speed limit. Came over hill & the patrol was headed towards us & flipped a U & came after us. They got us in a 55 MPH speed zone on the highway, not in town. Beware anywhere on 101 especially if you have out of state license plates.

US Highway 101 near Monohon Landing Road

Raymond, WashingtonSep 13, 20071 Comments

Just after crossing the Willapa River bridge as the road begins its climb out of town (about 150 yards from Monohon Landing Road) officers set up on either side of Hiway 101. Speed limit is 35 the radar gun has a line of site with the bridge from the car on the south bound side. They also look for people coming down the hill where it goes from 55 to 35. Trap is most often in place on Sunday’s of big weekends.

State Highway 101 near Rayomnd Pacific Bridge on 101

Raymond, WashingtonSep 12, 20070 Comments

Traveling north on 101 you cross over the bridge bet. North and South Raymond. The cop is sitting at the top of the hill and can see you for 1 mile ahead. Speed is posted as 30mph but traffic is flowing around 40 mph and looks like 101 is starting again. This will catch anyone navigating by map and this preys on folks that have never been through the town before. Two cops regularly handle this section. Option to pay on the spot uncontested and it won’t be reflected on your driving record. Simple revenue generation device for a small municipality.

US Highway 101 near State Highway 6

Raymond, WashingtonMar 28, 20040 Comments

Heading south on US 101 through Raymond, when you think you’re out of town, you aren’t. Until you see a sign indicating a highway speed limit, you’re still in town. As you come to what looks like the edge of town, a Raymond police officer waits. I got nailed for 48 in a 35–but in fairness to the officer, he accepted my honest reason: that I thought I was through town and was accelerating to highway speed. If I hadn’t started pulling over the minute I saw his lights go on, or if I’d jacked him around, I’m sure I’d have been cited. It’s still a deceptive spot to watch for, though.

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