Sammamish, Washington Speed Traps

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SE 8th Street near Skyline High School

Sammamish, WashingtonJan 16, 20180 Comments

Speed trap on SE 8th Street between 228th Ave SE and 240th Way SE adjacent to Skyline. Cops routinely out as this is a very steep hill and to stay at 30mph you have to ride your brakes down the hill as momentum will easily put a car at 40mph. The posted speed limit makes no sense and when you do ride your brakes to comply with posted limit you often have other cars on your tailgate making this road very unsafe. During school hours, despite no crosswalk the speed is 20 mph while the road with the crosswalk (228th Ave SE) is 40 mph. This make no sense whatsoever and seems to be just a revenue generator.

Sahalee Way NE between NE 37th Way and NE 50th St

Sammamish, WashingtonSep 08, 20110 Comments

A Cop Car sits in a gravel pullout waiting to nail anybody going downhill at above the 45 mph speed limit. The road has a 10% grade and drivers going downhill at 50-55 mph is the norm, especially late at night. Either burn up your brakes trying to maintain the unrealistic speed limit or get a ticket.

228 passing Pine Lake Park

Sammamish, WashingtonApr 19, 20102 Comments

After park hours, cops will sit in front of the gate trying to nail speeders going in either direction or anybody running the light at the intersection.

East Lake Sammamish Parkway near Louis Thompson Hill Road

Sammamish, WashingtonMay 05, 20070 Comments

Sammamish Police runs both moving and stationary radar, as well as LIDAR up and down E Lake Sammamish Parkway Constantly. They don’t give breaks at all. If you’re doing 39 in this (totally unrealistic) 35 mph zone, you’ll get a ticket. The Sammamish Police will only be happy when the speed on the parkway is at a crawl.

216 Avenue near NE 10th Street

Sammamish, WashingtonMay 05, 20070 Comments

This speedtrap is crazy. This is a 25 mph zone, and it is impossible to do 25 mph down the hill. Sammamish Police sit in the parking lot of the Mormon Church or off on NE 10 St. using LIDAR. They hide and wave cars over doing 31 mph coming down the hill. Do they want us to burn up our brakes?

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