South Bend, Washington Speed Traps

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Hwy 101 from Goose Pt Oysters to the Nemah Fish Hatchery

South Bend, WashingtonJan 29, 20180 Comments

I forget the mileposts, but I think it’s 35-44.
This stretch of highway has lots of hills and straights and wide shoulders for the police to turn around. A favorite tactic is for one State Patrol to follow another about 1/4 mile behind so when you pass the first and think the coast is clear and accelerate, the second one nabs you.
They also love to park on the shoulders around a curve or hill.

Anywhere between Rosburg, WA and Aberdeen, WA US101

South Bend, WashingtonJun 12, 20170 Comments

June 10, 2017 very high concentration of State Patrol vehicles along the route from Roseburg to Aberdeen. State Patrol station is located at nearby Naselle, WA, so this explains a lot. They dont necessarily hide with a radar, they already know your speed while in-motion. They simply pass you by, make a u-turn and bust you with lights. Then you get to enjoy Washington coast scenery while waiting 20 mins for your citation to be ready. Don’t ruin your vacation, avoid this route despite its well-known scenery. But actually, this section of US101 is not even that scenic, you just pass through forested areas where trees had been cut, ocean is rarely and barely visible. The roads themselves are perfectly smooth, South Bend section is a multiple lane wide roadway with a 40-30-25 mph limit sections. Very, very clean city, but haven’t seen any human on town’s streets, did everybody move out of this police capital? But I guess this city just houses govt and police families. Everybody seems to avoid this route nowadays, regular drivers were much outnumbered by State Patrol vehicles. South Bend definitely does not deserve any visitor to spend time or stop at gas station in this ticket paradise. Every improvement you see in this city is made possible thanks to our fellow visitors-victims, whose vacations have been completely ruined. It better be a toll road!

HWY 101

South Bend, WashingtonFeb 22, 20151 Comments

The city speed signs change from 55 to 40 to 30 in under 0.1 mile, then return to 40mph, then change again to 35, to 45 to 55.

This city and Raymond are nothing but speed traps, which totally ruins the scenic 101 Highway route. Avoid this town at all costs.

HWY 101

South Bend, WashingtonAug 18, 20140 Comments

Was slowing down because the speed limit drops really fast, and was stopped going into a 40 mile per hour zone from 55. I’ve gotten tickets before in different states/cities, and those are reasonable, and I accepted the penalties. However this ticket was really frustrating because they’re doing it just for the money for something that I shouldn’t even been ticketed on. The ladies in the court office are very rude and condescending. It’s even more frustrating that my money is going to pay for their salaries. This city is just a giant tick feeding off local tourists who aren’t able to fight in court. It’s pathetic. It’s no wonder no one comes here for vacation, or anything for that matter. I guess in a way giving out tickets and having no tourists just feed each other.

West end of South Bend, WA

South Bend, WashingtonJun 18, 20140 Comments

Just outside of South Bend, west end of town, where speed drops from 55 mph to 40. Cop sits by tow yard. Shoots front and backwards. Any time day or night. The next one will be just inside South Bend, west end near Hilton’s Seafood where the speed is now down to 30 mph. Watch this spot mornings on weekends esp.

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