South Bend, Washington Speed Traps

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HWY 101

South Bend, WashingtonFeb 22, 20151 Comments

The city speed signs change from 55 to 40 to 30 in under 0.1 mile, then return to 40mph, then change again to 35, to 45 to 55.

This city and Raymond are nothing but speed traps, which totally ruins the scenic 101 Highway route. Avoid this town at all costs.

HWY 101

South Bend, WashingtonAug 18, 20140 Comments

Was slowing down because the speed limit drops really fast, and was stopped going into a 40 mile per hour zone from 55. I’ve gotten tickets before in different states/cities, and those are reasonable, and I accepted the penalties. However this ticket was really frustrating because they’re doing it just for the money for something that I shouldn’t even been ticketed on. The ladies in the court office are very rude and condescending. It’s even more frustrating that my money is going to pay for their salaries. This city is just a giant tick feeding off local tourists who aren’t able to fight in court. It’s pathetic. It’s no wonder no one comes here for vacation, or anything for that matter. I guess in a way giving out tickets and having no tourists just feed each other.

West end of South Bend, WA

South Bend, WashingtonJun 18, 20140 Comments

Just outside of South Bend, west end of town, where speed drops from 55 mph to 40. Cop sits by tow yard. Shoots front and backwards. Any time day or night. The next one will be just inside South Bend, west end near Hilton’s Seafood where the speed is now down to 30 mph. Watch this spot mornings on weekends esp.

On the south part of 101 in both directions between A & D st

South Bend, WashingtonJul 09, 20130 Comments

Noticed last weekend July 6 that the south bend police had two cars and three road pirates near the boat lunch on hwy between A & D streets. As soon as they write one they pull over someone else and then give them a piece of paper demanding money.

Hwy 101 Dakota Street

South Bend, WashingtonMar 17, 20131 Comments

Heading south on Hwy 101 the speed goes from 55-40-30 in .4 miles. I saw the I was approaching the town and saw the 30mph. I tapped the brake to turn off the cruise control which was set a 58 to slow down before the 30mph sign. A South Bend patrolman passed me going North and pulled a u-turn behind me. Clocked me doing 52 in the 40mph zone as I was slowing down for the 30mph zone. Small coastal town a long way away from home so no way it’s worth the $113 to return and fight it.

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