Spokane, Washington Speed Traps

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Northbound Washington st. from 6th ave to 3rd Ave

Spokane, WashingtonMay 15, 20120 Comments

This is a downhill street on the field house side of LC. The speed limit drops from 30mph to 20mph due to school zone. Motorcycle cops will sit in the alley between 4th & 5th Ave or under the freeway underpass.
The posted speed sign sits right behind a large tree near the light on 6th Ave. During the spring, summer, and fall you can’t even see the sign due to the leaves and branches. You should slow down anyway but keep and eye out especially on sunny days when the students are out and about.

East Mission Ave By Chief Garry Park

Spokane, WashingtonMar 04, 20122 Comments

During the summer months the cops sit all along the park(sometimes IN the park). The speed limit is lowered to 20mph during the summer. I watch the cops wait for the offender to go past, wait for a few seconds, then proceed to drive 50-60 mph+ to catch up. The cops create a far more dangerous situation than the ‘speeders’. Motorcycle cops will actually pull up into the park and set up with their SMDs. If anyone else were to drive in the park, they would most likely be ticketed. Speeding tickets are rarely about safety but nearly always about revenue.

TJ Menach Drive going downhill SFCC and NW Boulevard

Spokane, WashingtonApr 04, 20110 Comments

During the College School Year Spokane Police like catch Speeders coming down hill from Spokane Falls Community College and other hill coming Bridge from NW Boulevard. They tend to be there around 11am to 2pm time range. Somedays it not patrolled. I tend to think when they need revenue or quoto or money for coffuer fund that they say doesn’t exist which is bunk of BULL **** . They like nab college students, so, go 30 mph going through here or you may be the unlucky one getting a ticket, so you need to brake going down hill in order to stay in the 30 mph range. If you don’t, you will exceed 30 mph and risk a sneeky cop nabbing you.

Coming up South Hill on Ray

Spokane, WashingtonFeb 10, 20111 Comments

As you come up the hill, on South Hill it winds right then goes straight. After the light, near the old dollar store, the road starts to smooth out. You’re approaching the the elementary school on your left (NO SPEED THERE BUT 30MPH) KEEP the speed! Right across the road is one of the city’s Maintenance shop, a motorcycle cop sits there next to the tree. He clocked me doing 37 on a sunny day, I tried to fight it, but the ADA ended up giving me 197.00 none movement ticket which will not show on my driving record..

Near intersection of Rutter Parkway and Indian Trail Road.

Spokane, WashingtonDec 29, 20100 Comments

The speed limit is 45, enforced by a sheriff’s deputy.

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