Spokane, Washington Speed Traps

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HWY 395 and Monroe Rd (North Spokane)

Spokane, WashingtonDec 08, 20100 Comments

Since the HWY is split and the mid-section guards are in place, staters cannot go instantly from North Bound to South Bound traffic to tag someone that is zipping along in the opposite direction. Now they sit at this intersection where they can easily go either direction and zap folks during prime commuting hours. WINTER WARNING – they will hide between the snow piles between the North and South Bound Lanes in the turn lane at the Monroe Rd intersection. Sometimes they will sit just ahead of or behind this gap in the HWY on the shoulder with their lights off.

Also the HWY a couple miles north and a couple miles south of this intersection is a FAVORITE for their Unmarked Vehicles. Look for new pretty cars/SUVs parked off on the shoulder during prime commuting hours.

South Hill on W. 25th Ave. after Lincoln toward N. High Dr.

Spokane, WashingtonNov 15, 20100 Comments

I just contested my ticket for "Failure to reduce speed at intersection". This is a speed trap set along W. 25th Avenue after crossing Lincoln heading toward N. High Drive. You basically have to yield! or slow down to15mph when entering a 4-way intersection where there is no yield or stop signs. The traffic commissioners give the officers quite a bit of leway in making errors in "location" on the traffic citations. The prosecutor stated that many have contested the same mistake at this particular location on South Hill. I am presuming the officer positions on the intersections heading southbound across W. 25th Ave. They reduced my ticket to a non-moving violation and $100 fine from $124. They did not consider the error in location as a "gross error of highway location" since it was only a few blocks in difference. ("we all make mistakes, we’re just human"). This is not a fair representation of our constitutional rights and I told the prosecutor that and I could see he agreed but remained silent. That error should have been the key ingredient to dismissing the ticket.

Going up Sunset Hill

Spokane, WashingtonJun 06, 20100 Comments

They sit near the top of the hill, as you are headed out of town, going up the hill and the speed does not change until after you crest the top of the hill. Speed is 45 and I got nailed doing 55 as I thought I was far enough out of town that the speed was higher, also was accelerating going up the hill then speed increased as I crested the top of the hill however speed limit does not go up for another 1/2 mile.

Five Mile Road, Spokane, Wa. 99208

Spokane, WashingtonMay 08, 20100 Comments

A sheriff sits at the church on Five Mile road just past the intersection of West Strong road. Speed limit is 30 mph. He gives no breaks, so please go the speed limit on five mile road heading north or south bound, especially mid to late afternoon’s on Thursday, Friday and Saturday’s.. Don’t help pay the city of Spokane’s city gov’t debt, obey the law and watch out for the cops hiding in their usual places.

W. Indiana Avenue & N. Atlantic-Normandie

Spokane, WashingtonApr 07, 20100 Comments

Not sure where they hide but there is always a SPD officer stopping people at the corner of Atlantic and Indiana. Usually on the eastbound side, near the Spokane Teachers Credit Union. Sometimes on that same side at Indiana & Normandie as well.

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