Tacoma, Washington Speed Traps

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Shuster N. Parkway near Grain Silo’s

Tacoma, WashingtonAug 24, 20041 Comments

Tacoma Motorcycle Officer will park on the right side of the road right past the grainsilo (as the road sweeps to the left) while going northbound.

He has caught me speeding on that road, and has caught a very large amount of people on a day to day basis, I have seen him there 4 days in a row, camping at around 9:30AM – 10:30AM, and sometimes in the afternoon as well.

Most of the traffic on the parkway is crusing at 60mph, the speedlimit is a pathetic 40.
My V1 is able to pick him up from a good distance, so if you have a Ka radar detector you should be okay, i didn’t have mine in the car at the time.

On the plus side, if you do get pulled over he will probably only write you up for a 45 in a 40.

State Highway 512 near Steele Street

Tacoma, WashingtonMay 14, 20040 Comments

When heading west-bound on 512, the highway bends to the right as you approach the Steele Street exit. State Patrol likes to sit near there and catch people as they come around the bend. By the time you come around this small bend and you see them, they have already clocked you.

Interstate 5 near State Highway 512

Tacoma, WashingtonApr 21, 20040 Comments

Interstate 5 going southbound has a exit for Highway 512. State Troopers sit just beyond the exit out of sight from incoming drivers and usually in pacts.

Interstate 5 near 72nd Street

Tacoma, WashingtonFeb 29, 20040 Comments

While moving up I-5 twards the 72nd overpass heading twards tacoma there is a piggy on the right side back behind the overpass brigde support zapping everyone.

North Pearl Street

Tacoma, WashingtonJul 16, 20020 Comments

Speed limit is set at 30 from approximately North 45th Street nearing Point Defiance and Vashon Ferry Docs. Police enforcement usually sit at the Carwash station or behind another parked car on the opposite side of the street. It is very easy to go over the speed limit in this are due to the hills and enforcement are very picky.

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