Uniontown, Washington Speed Traps

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US 195 coming into Union Town from the south

Uniontown, WashingtonMay 02, 20121 Comments

Recently I was pulled over coming into union town from the south 195, I am currently awaiting a suppression hearing with the Colfax court. Fact is there is no probable cause for stop. The distance from the Reduce speed sign is 775 feet to the actual posted speed limit of 30 mph. The Washington Department of Transportation Traffic Manual M51-02,07 December 2011 states the distance from the reduce speed sign to the actual speed limit sign must be 1360 feet when coming from the speed of 60mph to 30mph. the department of transportation uses a table in there manual for this purpose, like the distance from 55mph to 30mph is 1075 feet. I lived in union town when this sign was put up in 2008. This is a illegal speed trap and the State of Washington as well as the city of Union Town needs to repay all tickets given since 2008.

US 195, aka Montgomery Street

Uniontown, WashingtonApr 09, 20102 Comments

Uniontown, like its sister ‘city’, Colton (just 3 miles away), is a notorious speed trap town. You are GUARANTEED to receive a ticket (and Washington State has *very* expensive speeding tickets) if you are so much a 1 MPH over the posted 30MPH speed limit, because this small town (less than 300 population) relies on the revenue generated by lawbreakers who are so unfortunate as to be stopped here. The town marshal has absolutely no sympathy toward people who violate the speed limit in *his* town. You *will* get a ticket, the city court convenes at times that are conveniently after the 15-day grace period is up, and you cannot fight it. Be very wary, as they occasionally park an empty cruiser at various places in town to spook you, whether you’re speeding or not. The speed limit through town is clearly marked at both ends. Slow to the posted speed limit BEFORE you reach the antiques shops as you come in from the south end of town, *and* just before you pass the Dahmen Barn/Wagon Wheel Fence as you come in from the north end of town (near the Busch Card refueling station).

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