Woodinville, Washington Speed Traps

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State Hwy 9 south bound between Clearview and Maltby Rd

Woodinville, WashingtonJun 06, 20170 Comments

This stretch of HWY 9 is now a much improved 4 lane road with the speed limit still at 45 MPH. Quite often there is a cop with a radar gun, usually a motorcycle cop, hanging out somewhere along this stretch. Always on the southbound side of the road, where it’s downhill all the way and easy to exceed the 45 MPH limit without being extra careful and riding your brakes. Easy pickings and a money pot for the local government.

"Flood Road" – Where NE 165th ST becomes NE 172ND PL

Woodinville, WashingtonFeb 09, 20120 Comments

As you are driving west/NW towards downtown Woodinville from 165th, the speed limit decreases from 35MPH to 25MPH. At a certain point, the road curves and it becomes NE 172ND PL. Going towards Woodinville, there’s a cop sitting on the left side of the road on NE 165th ST, which is a small turn off of 172ND PL.

People usually drive 10+ mph over here so be careful.

On Woodinville-Duvall road near 156th Ave

Woodinville, WashingtonDec 03, 20110 Comments

One way out of downtown Woodinville is to take Woodinville-Duvall road which goes in a northeast direction until it connects with North Woodinville Way. Taking a right-hand turn will take you due east on Woodinville-Duvall road and at this point you will be going uphill towards the stoplight at 156th Ave. After you go through the stoplight, you are going downhill and it is easy to exceed the speed limit of 35 MPH. Less than 1/2 mile away, a well-hidden motorcycle cop will be standing on the shoulder on your right hand side with a laser speed gun. Most prevalent on weekends when there is light traffic.

SE 228th Street near US Highway 9

Woodinville, WashingtonJul 04, 20080 Comments

As you are heading west bound on 228th approching hwy 9, at the bottom of the hill on the south side of 228th, there is a storm water storage pond with a small drive way. I have often seen a single bike cop standing there with his laser. All he does is point at you and instruct you to pull into the little dead end drive. Ive seen them grab two or more people at a time. Without ever turning on the blue and reds.


State Route 522 near State Highway 9

Woodinville, WashingtonSep 14, 20070 Comments

East bound half way between highway 9 and paradise lake road. As you start to go down hill and the road begins to straightens out, state patrol hides on the right side of the road. They are there everyday of the week.

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