Berkeley Springs, West Virginia Speed Traps

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Virginia/West Virginia state line going north on US 522

Berkeley Springs, West VirginiaMar 08, 20150 Comments

The sheriffs dept uses speed traps to generate revenue. I was ticketed by a deputy who was sitting inside the WV/Virginia state line on 522 clocking incoming traffic going north, while it was still in Virginia and pulling them over once they crossed the state line. At 12:30 am on a bitter winter morning that’s not traffic enforcement, it’s a speed trap.

Rt 522 North of Berkeley Springs

Berkeley Springs, West VirginiaFeb 05, 20130 Comments

Beware of getting a speeding ticket in Berkeley Springs, even if you are not speeding. I was ticketed going Northbound while doing the posted 25 mph on the North side of Berkeley Springs near the old train station, just prior to the speed limit sign where it converts to 40 mph. I was supposedly clocked doing 42 mph, but the officer "cut me a break" and ticketed me for 34. He clearly clocked the vehicle in front of me, since I was doing 25 mph and not exceeding the speed limit. When I appeared in traffic court, the attorney kept trying to get me to say I was speeding, which I refused to do. However, the judge ruled against me and I was ordered to pay the fine. It is quite a set-up they have to distract money even from those obeying the speed limit.

Route 522 North of Berkeley Springs (Bath)

Berkeley Springs, West VirginiaMay 11, 20110 Comments

Be careful of passing slow moving vehicles on Northbound 522 north of Berkely Springs. The road is straight for a long distance, so you can see if you have a clear passing lane for an unusually long distance. And the road goes downhill, so the motivation to pass slow moving vehicles is quite strong. But because the road goes downhill, it’s very easy to go faster than intended & the local revenue enhancement authorities know it. They stake out that section of road at the top of the hill leaving Berkeley Springs.

Route 522 north of Berkley Springs

Berkeley Springs, West VirginiaFeb 19, 20111 Comments

Route 522 north heading south, 40 mph goes to 25 mph. My speed was 29 mph. Berkley Springs businesses, I pass through your area several times annually, usually for historic vacations , you should know you won’t get a dime of my money ever. Be sure to thank your local law enforcement agency.

State Highway 522 near Through Berkeley Springs

Berkeley Springs, West VirginiaJun 26, 20071 Comments

Beware tourists and visitors to Berkeley Springs, WV. Route 522 through town is well known as a speed trap, especially to those with out of state plates. (It was even written about in the town paper) There is one of those electric readouts as you enter the town from the north, letting you know exactly what your speed is. Just north of the town on Rt. 522 has a 50MPH speed limit; you will decrease to 25mph in some places along 522 in town.
In an unrelated fact, there have been many complaints by weekend visitors to Berkeley, getting parking tickets at expired meters; so much so that the town merchants have asked the town council to ask the town police to be less aggressive in their giving out parking tickets.

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