Summersville, West Virginia Speed Traps

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rt 19

Summersville, West VirginiaJan 01, 20010 Comments

traveling back to pa.had cruse control on at 50 miles per hour i was stopped , officer said i was doing 61 mph he was very rude,and is posted in the aaa magagine and other travel mag.about the speed traps only out of state car are stopped , WHEN driving thru. Summersville drive 25mph with 4 ways not stop to purchase anything in the Summerville area, THe Summersville police are doing a good job of keeping tourist away from WVA ,BUt with the money Summersville is makeing they do not care

Hwy 19 at Summersville

Summersville, West VirginiaJan 01, 20010 Comments

Newly-widened WV state four-lane. Unrealistic speed of 50mph posted on small signs. Radar is accurate; traffic cop very antgonistic, disrespectful to wife, challenging behavior.

Route 19

Summersville, West VirginiaSep 01, 20000 Comments

While traveling back to Ohio from a trip to Florida we entered a construction area just south of town going north on Rt.19 The speed limit before the construction was 65 the construction speed was 50. After seeing the end of construction sign one would figure the speed limit is again 65. Guess again. as you crest the hill and you still haven’t reached the 50MPH sign that is posted, they are setting there waiting to nail you. The only comment they have to say is, it is 50MPH all through here.

It’s not posted well and if it is posted it’s buried in the construction area. I haven’t had a ticket in over 40 years, till now. When I was hit with the radar I told my wife there is no nead to slow down till we hit the 50MPH sign. Keep your $$$.$$ they don’t need it.

Route 19

Summersville, West VirginiaSep 01, 20000 Comments

Some interesting Statistics, based upon Summersville Mayor Adkins data.

20,000 vehicles x 1% = 200 citations per day (over 8.3 an hour) or one approximately every seven minutes

Average ticket cost: (assumed) $110.00 x 200 = $22,000 a day

One year = OVER 8 Million dollars WOW! Not bad for a small city in West by God Virginia

Get the point?

Route 19

Summersville, West VirginiaSep 01, 20000 Comments

I just got back from a trip south and got nailed by the town cops in Summersville. I absolutely believe that the cop lied about my speed (speed limit is 50). I was incredibly careful going through this town and never went more than 5 miles over the speed limit. He claimed he clocked me doing 61 which was totally untrue. Funny how the fines go up at 10 miles over the limit. I was targeted becaue I had an out of state licese. It’s easy for them to tell as in NY we have a front license plate while the West Virginians do not. I also found out when I got home my brother in law got a ticket in the same town and so did his secretary. Clearly they pick and choose the out of staters who won’t bother fighting the ticket. It’s an easy $117 in their pocket since there’s no chance I’m driving 7 hours each way to go to court.

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