Winfield, West Virginia Speed Traps

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Rt. 817 near Woodbend Cove entrance & Winfield Middle School

Winfield, West VirginiaFeb 20, 20160 Comments

Winfield City Police hide behind the commercial property’s masonry entrance structure that includes decorative bushes that further assists in hiding the police vehicle from plain sight from either direction. The commercial property I am referring to is along State Rt. 817 (Northbound) just prior to the Woodbend Cove entrance, both of which located across Rt. 817 from the Winfield Middle School.
It’s been my understanding that this type of entrapment had been banned or outlawed many years ago and that police were to park themselves in a way that resulted in an unobstructed view while seeking speeding violators. I plan to research further the law in WV pertaining to police entrapment regarding the hiding of their vehicle while attempting to serve their citations.

On rt 35 just below John Amos power plant.

Winfield, West VirginiaSep 24, 20140 Comments

There is one section that for no reason the speed limit drops to 25mph. It was night and as I passed a Jeep going the other direction ,the jeep did a U-turn and came after me. He did not turn his lights on until he was on my bumper. I slowed and drove to the next place to pull off because I did not want to stop in the middle of RT35 with all the trucks. He said he could give me a ticket for failing to stop. He said he was giving me a ticket for only going 50 in a 25 not 64. I was going 45….When I went to court the cop said he clocked me going that fast ( yes from a U-turn).I asked the judge how they slept at night, she asked if I wanted to stay a night in jail….

State Route 35 near City Limit Signs

Winfield, West VirginiaApr 19, 20071 Comments

At start of town and end of town speed limit drops from 55 to 40. They sit right at sign and even if 1-2 MPH over limit will ticket you. Cost of ticket is between $100-$150.

US Highway 35 near US Highway 35

Winfield, West VirginiaMar 20, 20061 Comments

County seat, Busy Highway. Town has no means of making money to pay Police other than by fines they place on those ticketed. They have no tax system. Very nice town. One we all have to visit or travel thru to get to the I-64 exit. Many cars traveling to work. This is a recent thing and a laughable matter at the town hall. Police are being paid on number of tickets they write. Needs to be stopped.

(Winfield – Putnam County Seat)

US Highway 35 near City Limit

Winfield, West VirginiaJan 27, 20050 Comments

When driver stated that this was a 45 MPH zone, not a 35 MPH zone as ticketed, the officer stated that "We moved the signs on this side of the road." In other words, northbound side is now a 35 MPH zone while the southbound side (the other side of the yellow line) is a 45 MPH zone. This is a two-lane, undivided highway, with no dangerous curves and few cross streets. In most places it would be considered to be rural.

Winfield will ticket for one mile over the posted limit.

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