Appleton, Wisconsin Speed Traps

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Lynndale Drive between Wisconsin and Northland

Appleton, WisconsinFeb 22, 20130 Comments

The speed limit was recently reduced to 35mph. The officer will sit on the frontage road near the corner of Darling Street and Lynndale and face north. Police never patrolled this road when it was only 2 lanes but now that it’s 4, they are there about twice a week.

Capitol Dr., near Ferber Elementary

Appleton, WisconsinJun 27, 20120 Comments

Squad cars will park at any of the Capitol Dr intersections of Durkee, N Mariah, N Winward, Northbreeze and N Lawe St, in the early morning and mid afternoon, while parents bring their kids to school and pick them up. Also, a little further west, in the Montesori preschool parking lot, hidden by the bushes or at the Capitol Drive intersection of N Division. The entire mile of Capitol Drive between Richmond and Meade Streets has the potential for hidden ambushes.

I understand the need for keeping the speed down in these areas but these patrol officers block driveways and impede traffic at the worst possible times of the day, creating an even worse hazard for those who are trying to safely navigate this busy and already-congested area.

10/441 bridge over the Fox River

Appleton, WisconsinJun 23, 20120 Comments

If you are traveling on Route 10 East, the speed limit drops from 65 to 55 right before you go over the bridge. Staties and County Sheriff’s work in tandem here. Both sit in the median. Since traffic is entering from 41 and CB, it’s best to be traveling in the left lane, but don’t go over 55! People will tail gate you because they’re impatient, but you’ll get the ticket if you give in and speed up to get away from them. The right lane is dangerous to travel in because those in the left lane don’t always move over when you have to to let someone merge in. The morning rush, around 8 am, is the worst time to travel over that bridge.

441 Between Midway Road and Oneida Street

Appleton, WisconsinJun 06, 20110 Comments

Just after the S Curve they will sit between the lanes as the freeway drops or rises to/from 65. They tend to pinch you as you move from the fast lane or slow lane getting ready for your exit or getting away from the on coming traffic. This has been a new one as of the last few weeks, In one day I witnessed 4 people pulled over in very short time. It varies between Wisconsin state patrol and county.

County Rd KK entering Darboy

Appleton, WisconsinAug 31, 20100 Comments

Speed limit drops from 55mph to 45mph heading westbound into Darboy. County sherriffs have been known to sit near the storage sheds on State Park Road, just off of County Rd KK. They mainly target speeders and are usually seen there most often during rush hour times in the mornings and at night. Beware!!!!!!!!

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