Eagle, Wisconsin Speed Traps

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Eagle, WisconsinJun 22, 20200 Comments

For a berg this size the cops here are shameless in this town where 25 is the rule here. My best advice if your a visitor drive through carefully and get out safely with out a ticket………… Plenty of other nice places to visit.

Entering Eagle On 59

Eagle, WisconsinJul 04, 20120 Comments

Eagle is a tiny town at the junction of several major roads. Evidently the only economic function of Eagle is to maintain a police force to write tickets for the slightest infraction. The part time police run moving radar operating toward you in an area the enters the city on 59, which feels like a freeway. One of the female officers is morbidly obese and is weighed down with all manner of guns, batons, electric shockers, sprays, and half a dozen handcuffs. When she gets out of her patrol car it is quite a sight.

Hwy 59 West heading toward Palmyra

Eagle, WisconsinDec 18, 20110 Comments

Be careful…heading down NN, crossing 67 in the middle of town towards Palmyra. You stop at the rr tracks then again at the stop to turn left or West on to 59. From that stop there is no way you see a 35mile an hr sign. but you will see one….eventually…right where the officer sits and maybe 50 ft ? in front of that..is a 55 mile sign. bummer is it looks as though you are far enough out of the village for the speed to pick up. Now, if you would have driven down 59 through town heading West, you would see a 35 mi sign, but not from NN.

59 West heading toward Palmyra

Eagle, WisconsinDec 11, 20110 Comments

Heading toward Palmyra on NN you cross hwy 167, stop before you go over the RR tracks, then stop again at NN and 59, turn left or west onto Hwy 59. Heading West from that stop on 59, there are NO speedlimit signs and the area looks like your out of the city. You start to assume from seeing no signs…your in a 55 mi zone…. your NOT. The cop sits across the road from the first 30 mile an hr sign you will see…. and that is where they will get you. You see the cop and the 30 mile sign at the same time…20 ft ahead…a 55 mile sign. No breaks there. They are more than HAPPY to be jerks and treat you nasty, even if you have NEVER had a speeding ticket in you life. Be sure not to argue it with them because they think they are GOD and when you take it to court…they would have blown out of proportion anything you may say on the back of the record ticket so the court will not want to give you a decent break on the ticket.

Hwy 67 Northbound Cemetery

Eagle, WisconsinAug 03, 20110 Comments

Village police will hide behind stone walls entering cemetery on right side. Will get you going from the 55 zone down to the 35 zone, and tell you there was 4 signs, again will get you 15 over but in good faith will drop it to 10 over. Be careful to get your speed down to 35 in the the very remote and still open highway area.

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