Rock Springs, Wyoming Speed Traps

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33 I 80 E

Rock Springs, WyomingMay 31, 20180 Comments

On January 1st trooper of Wy highway patrol was holding up traffic on the highway, I assumed there was an accident ahead and all the traffic was being all bunched up for a reason. I was nervous inside the pack of cars that was all driving close together. the officer moved to the lane next to me and slowed down until he was next to me and he started crowding my lane until I pulled ahead and then he hit me with the radar and pulled me over. I’m an old lady on social security and can’t pay a fine I was trapped into, to fight this I have a court appointed lawyer. I guess I go to jail.

mile post 104 to mile post 120

Rock Springs, WyomingJul 04, 20150 Comments

mostly trucks, road way is heavily rutted, its hard to stay in lane , state troopers fall in behind you, pull you over and give you a “lane violation”..60.00 so nobody contests it. every time i go through there it seems they have some one pulled over.I see they are now starting to repair sections of that road.

Entering city on US 191 from the North

Rock Springs, WyomingMay 21, 20151 Comments

After topping a hill at 65 mph speed limit and with a slight increase in speed downhill, the speed limit changes to 45 mph and a state trooper is concealed with his radar to record this maximum speed before you can slow down.
You get a maximum fine and he heads back to the same location to do It all over again.

Interstate 80 near Tunnel by the City of Green River

Rock Springs, WyomingAug 26, 20042 Comments

West of Rock Springs there is usually a few speeders on the side of the road. It’s 75 until you get to the tunnel then they drop it to 65. They wait for you to come out the other side and down the hill and there will be a State Patroller there. I’ve been pulled over there, as have several of my friend, and none of us live anywhere near there.

It’s a great idea for them: I-80 traffic is mostly people from out of state so nobody will contest. Thats how they can get off writing $200 tickets for going 80 in a 65. Out of State tickets don’t hurt you driving record, only your wallet.

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