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Speed Trap Roundup

Detailed research by the U.S. Department of Commerce has shown that the safest rate of travel is a few miles per hour above the average traffic speed. Enforced speed limits set below that average speed are speed traps, sacrificing safety for revenue.

Beware of this Speed Trap

Mound City, Illinois, is home to lots of history, including a Civil War Cemetery and Native American burial grounds. It's also home to an active police force that aggressively patrols this town located along the Ohio River.

I-57 Pulaski County Illinois Mound City, Illinois

Construction zone near Mound City, Illinois. County sheriff had someone pulled over and I passed, giving plenty of room. About a mile north of the construction zone the cop got behind me and pulled me over. This was on a Saturday with no workers present. It seems like this area is a permanent co… more »

Jan 31, 2011 Illinois 37 comments

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Jan 13, 2015 … With its congestion, aggressive traffic enforcement and a plethora of ticket cameras, Chicago has a well-deserved reputation as a tough place to get around. But don’t let down your guard once you ge…
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