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Speed Trap Roundup

Detailed research by the U.S. Department of Commerce has shown that the safest rate of travel is a few miles per hour above the average traffic speed. Enforced speed limits set below that average speed are speed traps, sacrificing safety for revenue.

Beware of this Speed Trap

A small --- four to five officers --- but prolific police force for a Jackson County town of 869 residents

Hwy 231 Cottondale, Florida Cottondale, Florida

I came into the town with my cruise control set on 45 heading northbound on Hwy 231. The speed limit in this town is 45. My father and stepsister were following right behind me when we passed officer. I was pulled over and he said I was going 57 in a 45 when my speedometer said 45. I saw the officer… more »

May 15, 2016 Florida 0 comments

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