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Speed Traps in Atchafalaya, Louisiana

You are currently viewing a listing of speed traps in Atchafalaya, Louisiana. Browse more Louisiana speed traps.

The Entire Basin Bridge along Interstate 10   Atchafalaya, Louisiana

I always wondered how others got caught speeding along the two-lane bridge seeing as how it has no shoulders. But I got caught speeding and when the State Trooper pulled me over at the end of the bridge, he told me the exact speed I was going without error and then informed that me they were conducting aerial surveillance. He was waiting, so it's safe to assume they do this often and have a trooper wait to catch people. There are no signs warning you of aerial surveillance as I have seen before along the Florida Turnpike, so treat the entire bridge as a trap.

Jun 21, 2011   Louisiana   1 comments

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Entire Bridge/Basin Bridge   Atchafalaya, Louisiana

On Interstate 10, between mile marker ~118 and 135. This is a 22 mile long bridge crossing the Atchafalaya Basin Swamp. It's a 60 mph auto/55 mph truck zone for the entire bridge. State troopers strictly enforce the limits using conventional radar and as of Spring 2010, I have seen them gathering multiple cruisers, with one of them standing outside of his, and aiming what appear to be a Laser detector at oncoming traffic. The trucks no longer speed after huge accidents have killed many. They do not drive 56 mph! Motorists fare a little better, but not by much. Drive the speed limit of 60, and enjoy the scenery.

Apr 3, 2010   Louisiana   0 comments

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