Argo, Alabama Speed Traps

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Argo, AlabamaJun 11, 20180 Comments

I was planning to re-locate a business in Argo several years ago but after I read the posted details, I called a friend and he verified that it is a speed trap.

I59 North / right side underpass

Argo, AlabamaJul 03, 20161 Comments

Argo officer was sitting on I59 North side underneath concrete wall on right side of underpass. He pulled me over and stated I was going 91 mph in a 70. I said, I know so was everyone else. He asked for my license/insurance. I asked him what was he doing sitting on the interstate. He told me shooting radar and he will be back in a minute. When he came back of coarse he had a thing ticket in hand, and handed it over and preceded to tell/show me where to send the money first. Then the court date came last. I asked him why he didn’t give me a warning? I had not had anything on my record since 2004. But he didn’t care. So then I ask him what business did a city cop have writing tickets and pulling people over on the interstate? He got huffy and said, well we do and walked off. It was strange cause it plainly states nothing about reckless driving, like everybody else’s. I just don’t want it on my driving record. Anybody got any pointers? I do believe that should not be allowed on the interstate that is why we have county sheriffs and state troopers.

Interstate 59 N and S at Argo exit

Argo, AlabamaFeb 05, 20160 Comments

I have two family members who were pulled over for speeding at separate dates and both were speeding on I59. Both admitted they deserved a speeding ticket. Instead of a speeding ticket, Argo gave them both a Reckless Driving ticket. During both separate court dates there were numerous persons in the court room who had received reckless driving for speeding. Half the court cases were reckless driving. I encourage anyone reading this post that has received a reckless driving ticket to post your incident. Argo is a poor small town and they use reckless driving tickets to fund their municipality. The Alabama Attorney Generals office is informed.

I-59 north underpass

Argo, AlabamaMay 31, 20130 Comments

Argo city sits behind concrete on underpass shooting radar northbound, they are a small city less than 19,000 which shouldnt be on the interstate shooting speed anyway, they will pull you over and write you a reckless driving because under alabama law sec 32-5A-171-8, which clearly states with cities less than 19,000 people (they are 4,071) which prevents a small town from patrolling the interstate. its a speed trap.

Hwy 11

Argo, AlabamaJun 29, 20120 Comments

Officer (name deleted) stops people that are not doing anything wrong. His response to why they were stopped is that an anonymous caller called in and said you were weaving on and off the road. This is almost as good as the saying the check is in the mail. The Feds need to check the books in Argo out. They spend more time stopping citizens for nothing than working on the Meth Lab in their city. Don’t go or buy anything in Argo that will help that so called city out. My opinion.

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