Brantley, Alabama Speed Traps

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N Main Street

Brantley, AlabamaSep 23, 20200 Comments

A continued speed trap. Catching vacation goers towards Florida heading down 331. Automated pictures from a company called . It is all completely automated and not even administered by the local authorities. This is not a concern for safety. It is a speed trap for financial gain. Looks like the scam has been going on for years and they are very efficient at it now. I think I saw a post from 2002 even, so this is clearly a main income for this small town and a stain on Alabama tourism and travel. It just keeps collecting $80 a car, after it sends a ticket 30 days later, to make sure you are good and far away. Please take the time to notify the State and hopefully we can stop this illegal activity. Speed traps and road blocks are generally illegal, if not completed for a true reason. There really isn’t much to boycott in the town, but I will never stop there for anything. You basically turn downtown and in and out of town in less than two minutes. I would avoid the town but it is a quick path to where I am heading.

School zone, North end of town between E Mill St and Fulton.

Brantley, AlabamaApr 05, 20190 Comments

If you are driving on 331 through the town of Brantley Alabama, beware of a little trick they are playing on motorists.

At the North end of town there is a school zone. There are no signs to let you know when the school zone ends.
Approximately 150 feet where they say the 25 mph zones ends is a 35 mph sign. There is one at both ends of this zone.

They have the radar aimed at 75 feet past this 35 mph sign. Just enough time for you to get your vehicle back up to 35 mph.
Then they take your picture that includes the 35 mph sign behind your vehicle and send you a $80 speeding ticket.

I made the mistake of increasing my speed when I thought the speed limit changed back to 35 mph.
If the zone does not end for another 150 feet, then that is where the speed limit sign should be.
Since there is no way to really know what the city considers the speed limit to be you have two choices.
#1 Drive 20-25 mph all the way through their jurisdiction or
#2 Avoid the town completely, which is what I will be doing in the future.

N Main St. School Northern End School Loop Drive

Brantley, AlabamaAug 06, 20180 Comments

They use photo radar and issue you a ticket by registered mail over a month after you were there, so unless you want to make a trip back to the city to fight it you have to pay it. There is no notice of photo radar being used and no speed limit sign where they took photo for the ticket. I question the speed listed too, they use a company who gets a cut and adds a convenience fee when you pay online. This is nothing short of a money making scam for this hick city trying to get people driving on vacation to Florida. I’m sure the company providing the equipment and the website for payment get a cut of the money.

Parked white car unmanned siting on side road

Brantley, AlabamaJul 10, 20180 Comments

Brantley, Alabama‚Äôs traffic camera is giving Alabama a bad name with tourist traveling to the Gulf beaches. Google it for yourself and read the opinions of people who have been ticketed by mail. Also, what is with the 48 mph in a 35 mph zone. Looks fishy based on the number of people who got the same tickets. Seems that with the states emphasis on tourism this is a black eye. I am sending this to my state rep. and the Governor’s office and newspapers

N. Main Street/Fulton Avenue

Brantley, AlabamaApr 26, 20161 Comments

While COASTING between the speed trap changes, I got a camera ticket. NOBODY walking or playing on streets….turns out City Hall says they only make $15.00 on every ticket. Why on earth do you require fines be paid to OHIO….keep the money for yourself!!! I was coasting to avoid riding the brakes….I will avoid BRANTLEY, ALABAMA like the plague….SPEED TRAP for sure. If you just want to support OHIO then send them a donation and simply go around this place and keep $15.00 bucks for yourself….WHAT A JOKE!!!!

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