Georgiana, Alabama Speed Traps

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Hwy 55 coming up to I-65

Georgiana, AlabamaJan 02, 20200 Comments

In Nov, made a round trip from MO to FL (22 hours round trip) and the only problem encountered was in Georgiana (did not go through Georgiana on the way down). Was traveling on Hwy 55 within a mile or two of I-65 about 8:30 pm on the trip home. The last speed limit sign I saw was for 65 mph. I was doing 70. The map app said 60. The cop was sitting in a parking lot with lights off and all his lights came on just before I hit the on ramp to 65 north. Cop said there were two signs for 55 mph and one for 50 mph before hitting I-65 that I never saw. Was sitting on the on ramp and wasn’t going to go down to the next exit, double back and see for myself if there were signs as he stated. Chances are he would have found some other reason to pull me over even if I was doing the 50 mph he said it was. On any future trips to FL, have no intention of ever going through this town again.

Highway 55 within about a mile of I-65.

Georgiana, AlabamaMar 05, 20190 Comments

I grew up near Georgiana, Alabama and am 61 years old now. On hwy 55 about a mile from I-65 has always been a notorious speed trap. I recently was traveling from River Falls towards Georgiana with the intent of getting on I-65 north. I stopped at the Chevron gas station there at the exit. After I filled up a Georgiana Police Officer came into the gas station and gave me a real “hard look” like I had done something wrong. He was in line ahead of me to buy some cigarettes. I had an energy drink that I needed to pay for. He stood there talking to the cash register lady for about two minutes flirting with her. He then took about two steps back bumping into me as if he wanted me to make a scene. I was polite and left. It was complete intimidation and I felt he wanted to make an arrest.


Georgiana, AlabamaJun 02, 20150 Comments

No speed limit signs clearly visible along the highway just prior to getting on I65. My passengers and I looked for miles. Low and behold, in mirror, unmarked car with flashing lights behind me and pulled me over just as I merged to the interstate. Officer approached car with infamous line, ” do you know why I pulled you over….do you know what the speed limit is?” Really?!! I replied 55. He informed me that is 50 because it “dropped down” but, I was doing 72. Really?!! I think it is a travesty and truly highway robbery to do drivers this way. I was coming over the infamous hill before you get to the interstate. Definitely a SPEED TRAP!!!! Ticket $230!!!! Maybe the town of Georgiana is struggling for a reason!! With every attempt to obey your speed laws you STILL have drivers set up for failure with “hidden” speed limit signs to gain money. Shame on you!

SR-106 at I-65 Exit 114

Georgiana, AlabamaSep 25, 20140 Comments

Some politician must’ve been stopped because now from the section of the new SR-55 “Georgiana Bypass” where it connects to SR-106 on the north end, to US-31 on the south end has been changed from 55 to 65. Yay! However, the stretch from I-65 on SR-106 to where SR-55 begins is still a speed trap with a 45-50 mph limit, but that stretch of road has always been that way, even before the SR-55 connection was made.

Alabama 55 (new by-pass)

Georgiana, AlabamaApr 14, 20141 Comments

Alabama 55 was extended to by-pass the town of Georgiana and meet Alabama 106 near I-65. Speed limit is 55 mph (unlike most of Alabama 55, on which it is 65 mph) despite the road being well away from town (and much of anything) and newly constructed with four lanes, wide shoulders and a center turn lane. Speed is frequently monitored by town police.

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