Gordo, Alabama Speed Traps

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On highway 82, in Gordo city limits

Gordo, AlabamaSep 02, 20150 Comments

Speed goes from 55 to 45 to 35 within a very short distance. Enforcement and judicial system are in concert. Favorite ticket is officer saying you were going 61 in a 35. Ticket is $242 if paid before court and $440 if you go to court. Hundreds of people are stopped each week. There is no recourse as almost everyone is found guilty and if not found guilty court costs is still $232.

Hwy 82 west bound near city limits

Gordo, AlabamaSep 02, 20150 Comments

speed sign posted 55, then 45, then 35 mph, all with in 110 feet or less… Traffic court is a joke…officers are very rude and threatening…I went to traffic court and there was over 200 people protesting there tickets, all were found guilty… $244.00 for a ticket going 40 in a 35 … Many had to pay more..was advised even if I was found innocent there was a court fee of $212.00 for court cost… This is a trap, beware of Gordo Alabama at all cost…

County Rd. 63 aka Benevola Rd. near Gordo

Gordo, AlabamaOct 07, 20110 Comments

The road is posted 40 mph, even though it is well-paved and no sharp curves. It is almost impossible to go 40 the entire length of the road. State Troopers have a gold mine there – all on the backs of working people trying to get to their jobs. Lots of stops made early in the morning between 7-9 a.m. and after work between 5-7 p.m. They need to come out on weekends when everyone is going 60 and lots of 3-wheelers and 4-wheelers riding on the road great distances not just to get to riding fields and trails.

US Highway 82

Gordo, AlabamaMar 25, 20041 Comments

Unmarked cars well out of town

Hwy 82E

Gordo, AlabamaMar 01, 20020 Comments

Traveling either east or west on Hwy 82E, you will most likely encounter Pickens County Sheriff, Gordo Police, or an Alabama Hwy Patrol vehicle. This and Reform, AL as seen in the description above are notorious for being major speed traps, especially at night. And they are not pleasant to deal with at all. The towns revenue is almost entirely obtained from speeding tickets, and they don’t hesitate to give them out, even for 3-5 over the posted speed limit. Beware!

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