US Highway 82

Gordo, AlabamaMar 25, 20041 Comments

Unmarked cars well out of town

One of their methods of entrapment is to suddenly come up behind and tailgate the victim. This is especially intimidating at night when bright close headlights appear in the mirror. Some people tell me they slow down when this happens to them, but having lived in California and Nevada where road rage can be fatal, I tend to speed up a bit thinking I must be going too slow. I then look for a safe place to pull over. Highway 82 west of Gordo has very few places where it is safe to do so. My ticket was for speeding, which is probably true since I increased my speed due to the behavior of what I thought was a very impatient driver behind me. Here is where the second "gotcha" comes in: Once I got home and examined the ticket closely, I discovered that it claimed I was going 80 mph in a 45 zone which is absolutely NOT true and actually impossible for my car to achieve that speed while climbing a hill. The upshot is that in court I agreed (stupid me) to a compromise charge of 60 mph which seemed possible. I was told to pay the fine via check in a printed envelope addressed to the probate judge of Gordo. This is "gotcha" number three: I mailed my check the next day for $175.00. After a month I received a letter stating I had failed to pay the fine and that I now owe penalties and interest bringing the total to $290. At this point I drove to Gordo and paid the unbelievable fine IN PERSON at the probate office. Let my experience be your guide: If an unmarked car suddenly appears and tailgates you, simply SLOW DOWN to some really annoying speed like 25 MPH. If you do get a ticket, NEVER MAIL THE PAYMENT. Pay it in person in Gordo because they throw away your first attempt to pay since the preprinted envelope is easy to identify, thereby claiming never having received it and upping the fine nearly double. Gordo is not just a speed trap but a corrupt, dishonest, racket where the unwary are shaken down on a regular basis.
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