Harpersville, Alabama Speed Traps

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US Hwy 280 in Shelby County

Harpersville, AlabamaMay 22, 20170 Comments

Harpersville’s Court is Back!!!! After being shut down by a Shelby County Judge and lawsuit settlements. They work nothing but Traffic day and night! 5mph over and the lights come on! My friends and I were talking to one of them at the Chevron gas station and he told us that the New Chief requires 5 tickets a day from each Officer!! They have to make the money coming back in from being shut down for a few years. The new guy in the Crown Vic will run the red light wide open chasing a speeder, I saw him almost kill a couple! This place is Awful! Watch your speed and watch for the Officer’s driving!!!!

Hwy 280 55,50,45 Zones

Harpersville, AlabamaJan 03, 20170 Comments

Black unmarked Taurus with blacked out windows ( Police Chief ). Pulls over at gas stations, clocks cars and radios Officers to stop and write the cars and what speed that “HE” said he clocked them at!! Their in process of getting their Court System back…so anything 5mph + expect to see lights behind you!! Great New Mayor but very Bad Police leadership!!

Highway 280

Harpersville, AlabamaJan 03, 20170 Comments

Police Chief in a Blacked out Taurus! No markings! Fight your Ticket! Old Radar that’s not certified and non-certified Radar operator! Don’t believe me, go to Court and request to see the Radar Calibration Certificate with the YEAR! and see the Officer’s certification to run it! You are entitled to see this, many people just don’t know!!!! Good Luck traveling through this cowboy town

Hwy 280

Harpersville, AlabamaOct 29, 20130 Comments

Officer sits in median with headlights on, looks like a manicun , if it weren’t for headlights. Will write anything, he gets very nervous if you stare at him?? Brags about his tickets at the local gas station, clerks told me that he does….

shelby county

Harpersville, AlabamaFeb 04, 20120 Comments

i was going 80 mph in a 65 zone. and the officer was setting in the median pulled me over and wrote me a ticket i dont normally speed i just wasnt paying attention i was daydreaming. the officer was nice. the fine was not nice.

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