Helena, Alabama Speed Traps

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Helena, Alabama multiple locations

Helena, AlabamaMay 04, 20150 Comments

Since the traffic in Helena has continued to build up from so many people moving in here; the numbers for our friends writing tickets are off the chart.
The peak time of course is rush hour, both morning and afternoon; when there are just hundreds of cars stuck on the two lanes of traffic through all of Helena. Especially in the afternoon when everybody is tired and cranky and are likely to go faster or pass someone who is just poking along. Drivers are sitting ducks in this much of a traffic backup.
Two hot spots: Hwy. 261 going towards Pelham by the quarry, across the bridge and by the cemetery entrance.
Hwy. 52 (Morgan Road) heading south towards Bessemer, past Golden Rule on the left and Gunner Lane on the right. Also in that area by Jackson Square subdivision and Tocoa Parc sub.
Another on Hwy. 17 heading towards Alabaster past the dollar store on the left and oil change place on the right; just before you get to the red light.

Rail Road Tracks in Old Town

Helena, AlabamaJul 04, 20110 Comments

Ticketing speeders in Helena has long been an over obsession in Helena, but they have now begun aggressively ticketing drivers who do not "yield" to pedestrians in the the cross walk for a $160 fine. I received one of these tickets when driving with my wife recently. Neither of us recalled seeing anyone even close to the crosswalk. I was given the ticket after waiting for a train to pass and any pedestrians were long passed. I requested to see the officer’s video camera but was told I would have to get an attorney. What a trap!

Within Silver Lakes subdivision on Oakleaf Drive

Helena, AlabamaOct 04, 20101 Comments

Typically they set up near the rear construction entrance and are waiting for speeders as they come over the first hill. Speed limit is 20 MPH and it is almost impossible to go that slow when topping the hill.

S. Shades Crest Road approx. 1 mile south of Hwy 52

Helena, AlabamaOct 04, 20100 Comments

Most times they set up early morning to catch commuters traveling north on S. Shades Crest Road. Speed limit is 35 MPH. They usually are located at intersection of S. Shades Crest Road and Glasgow Grn and parked on Glasgow Grn.

Highway 261 coming into Old Town

Helena, AlabamaApr 27, 20100 Comments

Police will sit a car on this large stretch of road, from the old Brickyard all the way over two set of Railroad tracks into the new “Old Town” business area. Plenty of well hidden spot for officers to park, and no specific time frame of activity. This stretch generates a lot of money for Helena. Speed limit changes frequently. Also a prime spot for random “License Check” roadblocks.

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