Jasper, Alabama Speed Traps

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Since the elelction of David O’Mary as mayor it’s pathetic.

Jasper, AlabamaApr 24, 20180 Comments

Since David O’Mary was elected Jasper,AL. has become a prime example of robbing the taxpayers by using law enforcement. It appears since the last mayoral election the sole purpose of Jasper P.D. is to generate revenue by being nothing more than badge wearing armed robbers. So sad. At one point it appeared that Jasper might be growing into a viable city with industry and the jobs industry brings with it. Not many people want to come to a city to work and get their pockets picked by police. Use extreme caution passing through this area. J.P.D. uses a charcoal gray 2017 or 2018 Impala with blacked out windows and no markings for speed trap duties.

Hwy 78 west

Jasper, AlabamaMay 05, 20150 Comments

An extremely long stretch of road with 45 mph speed limit. The city of Jasper should be ashamed.

Hwy.118 (formerly U.S. 78) 5.5 miles east of Jasper.

Jasper, AlabamaMay 23, 20130 Comments

As of today May 23,2013 all schools in this county are out until fall. The speed trap disguised as a school zone is non-enforceable until school resumes. Last year I called the state hwy. dept. and told them schools were out and that I was waiting to see how long it took to shut-off the signals before I phoned the local t.v. news station. The signals were off the next day! Have to stay on them all the time around here.

All of Walker County

Jasper, AlabamaOct 25, 20120 Comments

As of June or July of 2012 the Walker County Sheriffs Dept. installed radar units in approximately 2/3 of their patrol cars. Walker County has never to my knowledge (I’ve lived here over 42 years) had radar in their units. You’d think with all the drug crimes,property crimes,etc.,etc. they wouldn’t have time to"play highway patrol". When citizens in the rural parts of the county leave home each day to go to work they shouldn’t have to worry that the deputies are too busy writing speeding tickets to patrol and keep an eye on their property. Beware of ALL law enforcement vehicles in Walker County.

“Notorious school zone 5.5 miles east of Jasper,AL.

Jasper, AlabamaAug 08, 20120 Comments

As of August 24, 2012 all Walker county schools will resume and the “School Zone” approximately 5.5 miles east of Jasper
AL. Will be active again and the AL State Troopers will begin “revenue generation” as they do each year since this stupid thing was put in. Speed drops from 55 mph. to 35 mph. and they’ll write a ticket for 37 mph. Also they (the State Troopers) have been known to force motorists off the road when turning across the median to chase someone. One of the gold Chevy Tahoe’s ran my wife onto the shoulder last year and she almost struck a guard rail. The troopers usefully marked Crown Vic’s and Chargers as well as black and silver unmarked Chargers and Chevy Tahoe’s. This place is a money-maker and the school is almost 2 miles north of the highway. This is now AL 118 it was formerly U.S. 78. Just thought I’d let everyone know.

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