Killen, Alabama Speed Traps

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Highway 72

Killen, AlabamaMay 07, 20110 Comments

This is not "a" speed trap.

This is "THE" speed trap city.

The biggest speed trap in the State.

One of the worst in the US.

HWY 72 – Killen, AL

Killen, AlabamaFeb 19, 20110 Comments

Ditto to the previous post. Whoever is clicking the “No, this is not a speed trap” must work for Killen and just click to make it look like it isn’t. You will never drive down hwy 72 in this town and not get clocked. They will catch you going down a hill, when the limit just changes, school zone, and just about any other way they can find to set up an extra speed post. They must not have any other law enforcement work to do in the town, because they live on hwy 72. You will never drive though here and not see someone pulled over.

Highway 72

Killen, AlabamaSep 10, 20100 Comments

Never Ending Patrol. They have nothing better to do in this tiny town other than write tickets along the stretch of highway that runs through the town and about a mile and a half on each side of the town which they apparently claim as their own. You will Never drive through here without being clocked. They give very little over the limit. It has nothing to do with law enforcement and all to do with using it as revenue. It is like you are going to pay a "tax" in the form of a ticket to drive through the town. It is like a very expensive toll-road. This is the biggest speed trap in Alabama.

Highway 72

Killen, AlabamaMay 01, 20100 Comments

New Cop In Town sets up and runs radar at Highway 72 Before Brooks High School The speed limit is 55 mph. At night he is very hard to see until it is Too Late. Best Advise SLOW DOWN he will get you.

US Highway 72

Killen, AlabamaFeb 17, 20090 Comments

The Killen Police Dept have become adept at using a used car lot with their car pointing East into oncoming traffic (invisible to Eastbound traffic); the oncoming approach is downhill, unwary drivers tend to allow their vehicles to pickup speed in the 55

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