Phenix City, Alabama Speed Traps

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J.R. Allen Parkway near Chattahooche River

Phenix City, AlabamaMar 21, 20080 Comments

Just as you cross the river from columbus, ga. into phenix city, al. on j.r. allen parkway there are always 2 motorcycle cops using radar. It is a construction zone but also the signs are deceiving. It goes from 65 mph to 45 mph in less than 200 feet then on down the road it returns to 55 then 65. Both these cops love to give out tickets. This road is known by some as trap highway.


J.R. Allen Parkway near US Highway 280

Phenix City, AlabamaMay 09, 20050 Comments

This trap is fairly frequent, and is located near the end of "J.R. Allen Pkwy" a.k.a. Highway 80 West just before it ties into U.S. Highway 280. Typically the law enforcement is an Alabama State Patrol car (their cars are mostly silver-colored with some blue trim), rather than a local Phenix City police officer. The speed limit changes from 65mph to 55mph in anticipation of the tie in with U.S. Highway 280. The officer will typically be located in the median so that he/she can "clock" traffic travelling west and east-bound. Though, I have never seen an officer pull someone over, I know from personal experience that the Highway Patrol are more rigid in their enforcement of the speed limits than the local Phenix City police are.

US Highway 280

Phenix City, AlabamaMay 09, 20052 Comments

This description could be applied to this entire highway. I have personally been pulled over (always by Alabama Highway Patrol officers) multiple times on this highway. For the majority of the highway, the posted speed limit is 65mph, though in some areas it gets down to 55 and even 45mph. You take a very big risk in going over 74mph (9mph over the speed limit) at night as the road is poorly lit and is perfect for a speed trap. Actually, in the day time, you are just as likely to run across a speed trap as you are at night. Almost the entire highway is lined with trees and the road can be fairly curvey in some areas making it condusive for the Highway Patrol/Police to hide and remain unseen until you see the red lights flashing in your rearview.

14th Street near Bridge into Columbus ,GA

Phenix City, AlabamaNov 11, 20040 Comments

I am not certain how frequent enforcement is. Alabama periodically cracks down on violations late at night.

Street is straight away comming off 13th Street Bridge connecting to Columbus, GA. Traffic moves at about 40-45 mph when moderately heavy during day and evening. I believe attempting to drive the speed limit during the day would be irritate other drivers.

Speed is posted at 30 mph (per officer) at bridge and continues for about 10 blocks. Fine is speeding less than 25 MPH over posted speed $ 20.00 plus $ 128.00 in court costs for a total of $ 148.00.
Speeding 25 MPH or more over posted speed $ 40.00. $ Court cost of 128.00 for a total of $ 168.00

Not wearing a seat belt cost is $10.00 with no court cost.

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