Southside, Alabama Speed Traps

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Hwy 77

Southside, AlabamaOct 14, 20160 Comments

Just as you cross the bridge, policeman setting in Black Pickup truck, like he is waiting to turn. After my ticket I pulled into parking lot. He returned to the same place four more times in the next 20 minutes.

Fowler’s Ferry Road

Southside, AlabamaMay 24, 20120 Comments

A cop was seen two days in a row pulling people over between highway 77 and Lassetter Road. He made an illegal U-Turn at the Lassetter/Fowlers Ferry 4-way stop. Apparently, he is just going back and forth down through this area.

He is in a silver unmarked Crown Victoria.

Hwy 77 from the bridge until you leave the city

Southside, AlabamaFeb 18, 20110 Comments

It’s not only for speed, they will pull you over for other reasons also. If they get behind you with lights and you try to get out of their way, they will give you a ticket for failure to yield to an emergency vehicle. Even when you are obviously trying to yield. You have to show up for court, and even though it was dismissed we payed nearly $200 in court fees. So you can’t leave without "paying them off". They had over 400 cases in court that day for different reasons, but many or most were for driving.
There were many in there for a trap that was set up to check for insurance.
Yes the car at the bridge when you cross at night, has no lights, no reflectors and they are right there near a turning place. You can’t see the car until you are just feet away, so I can’t see how they haven’t gotten hit yet, It is a hazard to other drivers.
They have a black unmarked SUV that sits in entryways to the businesses, just looks like someone trying to pull out until you get right up on it and see the radar.
It’s all a money making thing, but if everyone just drives at 45 or below and 35 in the school zone, hey, they won’t be making as much money, that’s the only way I can see to fight back. Get them in the wallet.

State Highway 77

Southside, AlabamaApr 10, 20080 Comments

The entire route of Hwy. 77 which runs all the way through Southside is consistently monitored for speeding and other violations! Beware, especially, if you are enroute to or from the Talladega Speedway–somehow even with traffic at a crawl at any given time on race weekends, you will see multiple cars being pulled over and searched. It may be a small community, but their income from tickets must be substantial! I travel all over the state, but have had the pleasure to be ticketed three times in this lovely community and no where else!


State Highway 77 near Starts at End of Bridge

Southside, AlabamaMay 26, 20070 Comments

Watch out when coming into Southside from Rainbow City. They sit in the median and run radar of cars coming off the bridge. Thet run black cars and site with no lights on. It is only a matter of time befor someone hits them.

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