Uniontown, Alabama Speed Traps

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West bound 80

Uniontown, AlabamaJan 03, 20230 Comments

From out of state, Was in the 65 mph zone coming up a slight hill. When reaching the top, I was coasting down and speed was dropping. Officer coming towards me (later states I was going 75). Officer said the posted speed was 55 which when he turned lights on, I was still in the 65 mph area. When he turn around to get behind me, he had turned his lights off again and then turned them back on when I reached the 55mph stretch. Ticket for 20 over which is a total lie…but out of state so how can I fight it and win. First ticket in over 10 years which was not for speeding. I don’t speed, I get teased for going speed limit or slightly under all the time… so I know its all BS.

EB Hwy 80 on one lane before 65 mph

Uniontown, AlabamaApr 30, 20180 Comments

Heading out of town where speed increased to 50 mph in unmarked black SUV driving slower the posted sign. I flashed highbeams n honk around 1:30PM cause he was impede traffic. So he slow to 40 mph….
Then turn on police lights to pull me over n cite me for following too close while taking no responsibility for his impeding behavior. Imagine that! Didn’t he swore to something?
He failed his duty!

Hwy 80, westbound Uniontown, AL

Uniontown, AlabamaJan 06, 20170 Comments

I just hesitantly paid the bogus $235 ticket for “speeding” in Uniontown, AL. I absolutely was not speeding. I was doing about 52 in a 55 zone. The cop was coming the opposite way. I was following another car that was local. I’m an out of stater. He turns around and pulls me over, saying I was going 70. Absolute lie! They were pulling over other cars too. This is a total racket. I was going to go fight the ticket, but realizing the whole situation, I knew I had no chance of winning in a corrupt welfare town like this. The only thing I can do is avoid this town entirely, and let everybody know they should avoid this town. Let it rot on its own.

Hwy 80 east of Uniontown

Uniontown, AlabamaDec 29, 20160 Comments

I received a ticket the day after Thanksgiving for supposedly doing 55 in a 35. It was dark. I may have been over the limit but definitely not 20mph over! The officer was traveling east and I was traveling west. After passing me he turned around and pulled me over at the first light coming into town. I have my doubts that radar was even used. Officer was rude and one officer in a black “police” t-shirt was actually dancing behind my car. Shame on you, Uniontown and officer. Shame on you. This scam needs to be shut down. As one other person said, he probably saw my out of state tag and thought “cha-ching”. It’s a good thing Uniontown funds their city with tickets and not tourism because I will never pass through again. Enjoy that $235, you won’t get another dime from me.

Hwy 80

Uniontown, AlabamaDec 30, 20151 Comments

Keep in mind, Uniontown is located on that long, dark stretch of Hwy 80 between Selma & Interstate 20 and is often used as a short cut to Montgomery or through to Interstate 75 in Georgia. I was driving West from Selma at night. I had my cruise control set around 65 which was the posted legal speed. As soon as I saw the 55 mile an hour sign I disengaged my cruise and let the vehicle coast down to the required 35 miles per hour. I was amazed how close the speed reduction signs were posted so close together and made the comment to my daughter that you would almost have to slam on your breaks to meet their speed reduction requirement.
I was at the first stop light in the town when a police car pulled up behind me and turned on his lights.

The officer was polite and professional but his agenda was clear from the beginning. Write the ticket. No allowance for a driver to let his vehicle coast down to the required speed. No warning, no discussion.

I would challenge any driver doing 65 at night to slow to 55 before passing the sign without jamming on the brakes. During the day may be a different story but at night for travelers not aware they are entering a small town, it’s a guaranteed speeding ticket bonanza if law enforcement positions itself properly for the unsuspecting out of state traveler.

When you have out of state plates, they know you are not going to fight it so chi ching, another $235 in the city coffers and life is good in Uniontown. Whatever happend to “serve and protect” and integrity in government.

Shame on you Uniontown officials and shame on you State Attorney General of Alabama for allowing this to exist in your state.

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