Dolan Springs, Arizona Speed Traps

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In Dolan Springs, and mile post 10 on Pierce Ferry Rd

Dolan Springs, ArizonaNov 17, 20140 Comments

The speed limit is 55, then drops to 25 MPH with a flashing sign coming into Dolan Springs. Deputies work radar in town, because people come threw at 60 MPH.

They work radar in the 45, and 55 zones because there are alot of cows out here. Arizona is open range, cows have the right of way, it’s the wild West.

Deputies found it easier to slow drivers down, than invistigate a fatal accidents, when an 800 pound cow comes threw your windshield at 70 MPH. Trust me, air bags don’t work on this one……

If you are involved in a serious accident, and the one ambulance in Dolan Springs is in town, it could take 20 minuits, to an hour to get to you. If the one ambulance is busy, it could take much longer to get one from Kingman.

So come visit Dolan Springs, but drive safe, and go home. Don’t give the paramedics any “good trauma” to talk about after your visit.

Pierce Ferry Road

Dolan Springs, ArizonaJul 07, 20130 Comments

June 30, 2013 I was driving to the Grand Canyon SkyWalk for the last 2 hours from Las Vegas and stopped at Dolan Springs to get gas. 150 feet from pulling out from getting gas I was going around 40 mph behind a big gas truck and didn’t see the only 25 mph sign that will be on this road for the next 49 miles. The 25 mph area only covers i would say 1/16th of a mile and it immediately goes up to 45 and then 55. I got stopped and he give me a 210 dollar ticket after I told him that he was giving out tickets and he was just trying to make money from people instead of fighting real crime. He came out and told me that ” your driving might be ok to you in California but over here its different. you might run over some kids”. Granted on paper he has got me but there is the law and then their is the spirit of the law in which it is intended and this speed sign is a gotcha tourist trap. After going to the SkyWalk we had to drive back to Dolan Springs to get back on the major highway. Who do we see camping at the exact location I was stopped with the only 25 mph sign I saw the whole time. If you get stopped make sure to give them hell.

Diamond Bar Road

Dolan Springs, ArizonaFeb 19, 20105 Comments

This is blatant highway robbery. Speed has been reduced from 45 to 25 for no other reason other than taking money from tourists and locals from the Indian reservation. I received a $300 ticket and will lose my license because of the sheriff that inflated my speed from 45-55 to 60 mph and didn’t lower it on mph. No radar gun needed with this guy, he just uses observation.

Pierce Ferry Road near State Route 25

Dolan Springs, ArizonaNov 25, 20071 Comments

County Sheriff lives and patrols this town. Speed limit is 25mph and he will ticket for 26mph. He travels all along this road from State Hwy 93 to Meadview, but mainly around Dolan Springs.

Pierce Ferry Road between Dolan Sprs. and Meadview

Dolan Springs, ArizonaMar 19, 20030 Comments

On the 50 mile road into the Lake Mead Recreation area is a 15-20 mile area between Dolan Springs and Meadview that is miles from the nearest building, there is a 5-10 mile stretch that is posted at 35 and a 15-20 mile area posted 45. Good straight road and no aparent reason for the reduced speed limit. Pure revenue producer.

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