Fredonia, Arizona Speed Traps

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Main Street – Hwy 89

Fredonia, ArizonaJan 30, 20230 Comments

Town ‘marshal’ parks in an unmarked vehicle waiting for unsuspecting tourists to trigger the 35 mph zone. Citations in multiple languages – clearly an alt-tax revenue raiser for the town.

Hwy 89A – mile marker 591

Fredonia, ArizonaJul 29, 20210 Comments

Sudden drop from 55 to 40 on curve. Cop sits right there, 56 in a 40!

State Highway 67 near Mile Marker 579

Fredonia, ArizonaAug 02, 20050 Comments

Coming out of hiking the north rim of the Grand Canyon we let several vehicles pass us (we were driving the posted speed limit). We crest a hill at Fredonia and without warning the speed limit changes to 25! Before we could slow down (we would have had to slam on our brakes), we were pulled over. They were waiting for it — so they must know that something is amiss.

The police officer was a little rude and the fees are exorbitant.

Alt. 89

Fredonia, ArizonaAug 11, 20031 Comments

Entering Fredonia from Grand Canyon, sudden speed limit drop, high enforcement. I reduced speed entering town and could recall no advance warning or speed limit signs. Immediately upon entering town was pulled over and given ticket for going 45 mph in 35 mph zone, despite my best effort to reason with the officer. Being from NJ didn’t help. My first speeding ticket in 20 years. A Classic Speed Trap!! Definitely my last visit to Fredonia.

Alt. US Hwy 89 near Jacob Lake

Fredonia, ArizonaSep 24, 20020 Comments

This is a trap on the climb up to the Coconino Plateau which is the access to the north rim of Grand Canyon. The road is narrow (9′ lanes!) with hairpin turns, no shoulders and dramatic cliff drop-offs. I was cited for veering into the other lane (not speeding). I knew it was a trap when included with the ticket was information about how to pay if you are returning to a foreign country. (A lot of foreign tourists visit the Grand Canyon, of course, and I myself was a day’s drive from my home). I saw three other patrollman that day all the way into Fredonia. This trap must support the entire county. Best advice: avoid the entire "Arizona Strip", which is that part of Arizona north of the Grand Canyon.

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