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Fredonia, ArizonaAug 11, 20031 Comments

Entering Fredonia from Grand Canyon, sudden speed limit drop, high enforcement. I reduced speed entering town and could recall no advance warning or speed limit signs. Immediately upon entering town was pulled over and given ticket for going 45 mph in 35 mph zone, despite my best effort to reason with the officer. Being from NJ didn’t help. My first speeding ticket in 20 years. A Classic Speed Trap!! Definitely my last visit to Fredonia.

We came in on the north side of Fredonia, on the way TO the Grand Canyon. In all honesty, there was a warning sign that the speed limit was 35mph ahead. So I let off the gas and then, boom, there it was, 35mph. And I was still over 45. No, I didn't get pulled over. I hit the brake and got it down to 35, hoping that I hadn't been nailed. And I hadn't. Made it all the way through Fredonia and stopped at a gas station at the south end of town. Gassed up, made a pit stop, bought supplies, and then (after waiting on a couple cars blocking the way out) I got back on the highway. Nice clean stretch, town behind me, so I started getting back up to highway speed. OOPS! There's the sign, STILL 35 mph. I hit the brake and slowed back down. Finally, there's the sign for 55. Got up to speed, and then I noticed the flashing red lights behind me. Yep, he clocked me after I left the gas station, 46 in a 35 zone. I gotta admit, he was polite and civil. And so was I. Because of that, I believe, he only cited me for 40 in a 35 zone, so my fine was $55, not $99. I mean, I WAS speeding. I just think extending a 35mph limit to two miles outside of town on an open US highway is nothing more than a revenue generator, especially since my last speeding ticket was 18 years ago. Considering that the previous post was in 2003, and now it's 2010, yeah, this is definitely a speed trap since most tourists have to pass through Fredonia to get to the North Rim.
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