Globe, Arizona Speed Traps

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US Highway 70 near State Highway 77 South

Globe, ArizonaDec 28, 20061 Comments

Westbound, there is a 65 to 45 transition… Eastbound, conditions are conducive to speeds well above the posted 45 mph speed limit. It’s not uncomomon to see Globe PD pulling someone over in this area. Eastbound driving is especially tricky, as it is easy to gain speed after cresting the top of the hill.

Interstate 60 near US Highway 77

Globe, ArizonaMar 03, 20060 Comments

Cities of Globe & Miami are well known Arizona speed trap towns. Their four lane roads vary speeds from 30mph to 35mph to 45mph and go back and forth in speed limits along the windey, hilly mountain roads. Watch your speed. If you do get pulled over, ask to verify your speed on their radar. The cops do lie on your actual speed. My radar detector went off and I verified I was going 40mph. The cop said I was doing aroung 50mph. Also, verify the actual speed sign and location they put on your ticket. The information on my ticket for cross streets was wrong. Also, the cops try to get you on radar coming down hills. Be warned… Stay away from Globe & Miami Arizona and please don’t spend any money in their towns. Good luck drivers.

hwy 70

Globe, ArizonaAug 19, 20030 Comments

The speed signs on the highway just west of the bridge somtimes change from 35 to 25 mph. Example: in august it will be posted at 35 and in january it will be 25. over the bridge it is 45 and thinking it is still 35 you don’t slow until you see the 25 by then it’s too late and your busted.

US 60 between railroad bridge and Courthouse

Globe, ArizonaSep 01, 20010 Comments

This straight stretch is posted at 30. Traffic moves at about 38-44 most of the time, and you have to ride your brake going westbound if you want to go 30. Be careful. The cops don’t work it all the time, but when they do, it’s easy to get snagged.

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