Bradley, Arkansas Speed Traps

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Right after you leave the small town

Bradley, ArkansasJun 12, 20190 Comments

Got pulled over right after leaving the small town of Bradley because the officer said I was speeding. Check GPS and it said 55 then 45 then 40 all within one mile. Signs are few and the ones that are there are hidden from easy sight. Said he clocked me but never said what speed I was going. He told me that it would not go on my record. I never saw any speed sign untill I was all ready past them. So this is how you legally Rob people from out of state. That road should be closed down if this is how Bradley’s finest act.

In the city limits

Bradley, ArkansasJun 04, 20190 Comments

you can be going the towns speed limits, but the police for the town will stop you and say you were going over the speed limit. cost of ticket over $200.00+. they will not let you out of your car to check the radio unit. I will take this to court, a lot of good that will do,

In the curve hwy 29 hidden in the trees.

Bradley, ArkansasJun 01, 20180 Comments

the Town is funded by this speed trap. No speed trap no town revenue.
There is no other revenue.

Last curve outside town. Where the speed changes from 45 to

Bradley, ArkansasMar 04, 20150 Comments

55. No radar states you are just over 55 mph limit.

Leaving bradly ark

Bradley, ArkansasDec 25, 20140 Comments

I knew this was a speed trap, been thur it several times over the years. i slowed down to 45, with cruise control. After leaving Bradley and going around the curve, i saw the sign, 55 miles an hour. i starting increasing speed, about 2 miles down the road he pull me over. i asked if i was speeding, he said 59 mph, i said the speed limit is 55, he said no, it is 45 upto the sign, i said that kind of thin.

He never clock me, he make up the speed, i have a radar detector and it never went off.
He saw the missouri plates and just lie about the speed.

Something should be done about this, 91% of revenue is from tickets and almost all is out of state cars. knowing we cant go down to fight it.

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