Cave Springs, Arkansas Speed Traps

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Hwy 112

Cave Springs, ArkansasMay 24, 20140 Comments

Locals may tell you this town has cleaned up their image but it’s a lie. Still as bad as ever if not worse. Has way more cops that they need and thrive on pounding motorist going too and from the airport. Best plan is to avoid the entire town.

West Wallis Road/ County Rd. 56

Cave Springs, ArkansasJun 24, 20110 Comments

Cave Springs police run heavy radar enforcement on this lightly traveled road that residents of Western Rogers use to go to the airport. The speed limit is posted 30 and they don’t write warnings. Officers sit facing east behind a tree on the left side of the road catching drivers going west when the come over a small hill. Additionally in a low area in the road down hills in both directions east past the tree there is a unfinished development where a officer sits and does radar enforcement in both directions. Lastly at night when traveling west of Wallis from 112 officers sit blacked out on the grass on the left side of the road. Jurisdiction of some parts of the road is in Rogers so if you get a ticket see if your location was in Cave Springs.

Rt 112 or N. Main Street and 264 Healing Springs Rd

Cave Springs, ArkansasJun 24, 20110 Comments

Make sure to come to a complete stop at 264 when traveling east officers sit in various locations near by enforcing this. Additionally after the gas station at this intersection closes (after 10:00 usually) officers sit blacked out in the parking lot facing west doing radar enforcement on drivers traveling north and south on 112 (speed limit 35) and on drivers traveling east on 264 from the Airport speed limits goes from 55 to 45 before the bridge then down to 35 to the stop sign. AND COME TO A COMPLETE STOP behind the line or you will get a ticket.

Several routes that take motorists to the Regional Airport

Cave Springs, ArkansasMar 14, 20100 Comments

Cave Springs, Arkansas is a small community that almost everyone heading to the Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport near Bentonville has to pass through. Like so many small communities in this area, they run a radar trap to supplement the city’s revenue. Be careful.

The entire city of Cave Springs Arkansas

Cave Springs, ArkansasFeb 23, 20102 Comments

There are many changing speed zones in this town, it’s a very small town of about 900 people with four full-time police officers, four part-time. It’s the only way to get to the Northwest Arkansas Airport. They hide in the one bay car was on 264, they sit in the church parking lots where they are concealed by other vehicles, they follow out of state licensed cars through the town closely and usually pull them over.

They also sit along side the road at an area where the sign states “when children are present” and you will get a ticket if you don’t know or are not familiar with the school starting and end times even if you see no children present. Also, even going under the posted speed limit of 55 when “no children are present” will also cause you to get pulled over and the officers will not write warnings, only tickets.

Watch out through Cave Springs Arkansas and avoid the entire area if possible. Over 30% of the city revenue is generated by traffic tickets and citations.

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