Central City, Arkansas Speed Traps

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Hwy 22 between Hwy 96 and Hwy 255 West

Central City, ArkansasJan 25, 20110 Comments

Driving west, they like to sit near Vache Grasse Creek or Hwy 96 then follow you for 2-3 miles before pulling you over. The ticket never specifies where you were speeding at, but where they stopped you (often in front of an abandoned Mexican Restaurant).
They will often have 3 police cars when they stop you and at least 2 officers will accuse you of drunk driving, even if you’re sober, then force you to take the sobriety test & breathalyzer .
There is no "traffic court" (they will tell you the appearance date on your ticket is wrong): you simply go in and pay your ticket with NO opportunity to appeal. There is never more than one person in the tiny office and they are unable to answer more than the basic questions (like "how much do I owe"). Minimum fine is around $200.
Oh, and make sure you get all your car registration papers back: they have a habit of "forgetting" to return your proof of auto insurance.

State Highway 22 near State Highway 255 North

Central City, ArkansasApr 19, 20080 Comments

Speed signs are close together so it’s almost impossible to slow down that fast and roadblocks are set up all the time.


State Highway 22 near State Highway 96

Central City, ArkansasApr 01, 20080 Comments

Coming in and out of Central City they have speed limit signs close together first one is 55, then 45, then 40 and it’s hard to slow down when they are so close together. Central City has its own city hall, where you pay your fines. They also set up roadblocks there all the time.


State Highway 22

Central City, ArkansasMay 11, 20050 Comments

The local from Central works from the Barling City limits the Jct of Hwy 96.

State Highway 22 near State Highway 255

Central City, ArkansasJan 17, 20050 Comments

Westbound on SH22 coming into the city, you have about 2-3 miles of 55mph, then a rapid drop to 40mph. Not knowing this, can cost you dearly. They always have someone pulled over in the daytime up till 9 or 10 at night. All cars are marked but hidden. This is the city before reaching another speedtrap in Barling. These cities live off of speeding tickets.

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