Fort Smith, Arkansas Speed Traps

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State Highway 71 N and S near Hwy 45 Light

Fort Smith, ArkansasJan 27, 20050 Comments

A trooper usually sits in the median on the top of the hill and will pull you over for minor infractions, such as 4 or 5 over…He especially will stop you if you don’t have your seat belt on. Normally, he will tell you he pulled you over for speeding, but will only write you the seatbelt ticket.

Interstate 540 near Mile Marker 39947

Fort Smith, ArkansasMay 02, 20040 Comments

Interstate 540 Runs right through the middle of Fort Smith, Mostly you will see Troopers out there working it, usually you don’t see the City or the County officers out there. The posted speed limit is 65, most people do 80 or 85, they love to run laser in a few spots, in the last week or so I have seen a State Police Camaro running up and down the interstate during the day. At night you are safe as long as you are going south, if you are going north and you are weaving from lane to lane chances are you will get stopped by a State Trooper, Usually there are 6 or 7 out after midnight on the weekends so watch out..and be careful

66th Street near Kincaid Street

Fort Smith, ArkansasMar 30, 20040 Comments

Officer parks off of roadway right at curve of 66th and Kincaid using K band radar and possibly lidar. The street coming both ways into the curve are straight, narrow, and easily speedable. The limit is unduly restrictive at 20 mph before you even get to the curve. If you are watching carefully you can usually spot him/her before you get to the curve but you have to slow fast. They might also target you long range before you even come to the curve in the 35 zone if you are traveling really fast. Most people traveling this road are trying to get on I5-40 and are not watching the posted signs so be alert in this area. Most traffic travels well above the limits in this area so watch yourself.
The 35 limit is a pretty good idea since animals tend to run across this road but most people head into the 20 zone well above 30. If you actually follow the limit you will have cars riding your tail but I would recommend following the signs.
Note: If you are east bound on Kincaid after exiting I5-40
or coming from Grand ave., a hill mostly obstructs your view until you are within radar range.

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