Greenbrier, Arkansas Speed Traps

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Greenbrier city limits at the 45 MPH sign coming from Conway

Greenbrier, ArkansasJun 24, 20140 Comments

This is no joke people. I experienced this same incredible abuse of authority. I have not had a speeding ticket ever. I entered the city of Greenbrier at 55 mph. I slammed my brakes as soon as I saw the 45 mph. sign. A mile later at the Sonic I noticed a police car behind me with flashing lights. I thought that he must be pulling over someone else so I got over. He was still behind me and I pulled into the Sonic. The office same to my window and asked for my information. He said that he clocked me at 55 in a 45. I said that’s weird I slammed my brakes immediately upon seeing the sign. He took my information to his vehicle. He came back to ask me if I had ever had a ticket. I said no I don’t speed and that I was confused because I slowed down at the sign. I asked him where he clocked me. He replied just right there at Valet Cleaners. Implying that this was maybe a mere block away. I thought even stranger because I know I was not speeding through a city. I drove back to look where he said this Valet Cleaners was and it was a mile away at the speed limit sign. AND HE HAD GONE BACK TO THIS SAME EXACT SPOT TO SCREW MORE PEOPLE. I took pictures of this. He is sitting behind the sign off the road near a fence. How this is legal I don’t know. I called the city dispatcher thinking that that they had a rouge cop and that someone needed to go talk to him. She laughed at me and said she would pass the msg. on to the chief.

I feel completely violated. I called my friend to ask about the law enforcement in this city since she has been through the area. She said that she and almost everyone she knows has had the exact same thing happen.

I would venture to guess that anyone commenting that this information is incorrect is an officer in Greenbrier. I will certainly be going to my court date hopefully with an attorney. This needs to stop!!!!

Just south of the new motel on the north edge of town

Greenbrier, ArkansasJun 12, 20101 Comments

People think the speed limit on Highwat 65 is 65, they need to take time to read their signs and slow down.

US Highway 65 North near Exit Number 125

Greenbrier, ArkansasJan 18, 20062 Comments

The entire little town of Greenbrier exists on writing traffic tickets primarily on traffic going to Branson, Missouri.There is no tolerance.It is a rare out of state vehicle that makes it through with a citation.Average citations written per year is in excess of 5,000.

US Highway 65 near State Highway 25North

Greenbrier, ArkansasDec 30, 20052 Comments

Trap is on the main route to Branson,Missouri.Emphasis is on out of state vehicles.The little town is money hungry.Drive at least 5 miles below the limit which is variable over a two mile section.It varies from 35,40 and 45 mph.

hwy 65 south bound into Greenbriar. Limit changes from 65 to 45 at city limits

Greenbrier, ArkansasAug 04, 20035 Comments

South bound on 65 into Greenbriar. Steep down hill grade, speed limit changes from 65 to 45 at city limits four lane hwy with left hand turn center lane. Officer parks right behind 45 mph sign

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