Lake View, Arkansas Speed Traps

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State Highway 178

Lake View, ArkansasMar 21, 20062 Comments

The posted speed limit is 55 MPH on State Highway 178 on eihter side of this town. As you enter the town the limit drops to 35 MPH and there are no notifications that there is a speed reduction. Since the town is only aboout 4-6 blocks in width, is is easy for the city "officer" to "enforce" this speed limit. In many cases, he will pull out on the highway in the opposite direction of your travel, and even before you get the speed limit post he hits his lights, makes a u-turn and stops you. You will be ticketed for 50/35 as you attempt to comply with the speed limit posted. The fine is a standard $85.00 IF the officer decides to let you go with just a ticket.

This is a well known speed trap among most of the residence of northern Arkansas, including the county and circuit judges of the area.

This is really a shame since the Lakeview area is a nice area and just ripe for development as it sits on the southeast shores of Bull Shores Lake.

My advice, If you are heading to Bull Shores Lake – beware.

US Highway 44

Lake View, ArkansasMar 07, 20040 Comments

place where you can be had, ticketed and get a fine for no obvious reason while still maintaining a safe speed

Phillips County, highway 44, Old Town Lake

Lake View, ArkansasApr 19, 20030 Comments

Lake View is the home of Old Town Lake. It is located in Phillips County about 9 miles south of Barton. The speed trap concearning this area is concentrated in the school zone. Do not confuse this town with Lakeview at Bull Shoals. Fishermen Beware. You can get a citation for speeding here in the school zone before you even realize that a school even exists in this area. As tourists and fishermen enter the town thier attention is focused on the beauty of the lake, not realizing that thier exceeding the 25 miles per hour speed limit of the school zone. The potential of the two cops in charge of this area is highest during school hours. They have been known for giving citations for speeding in the school zone with lame excuses during any time of day. The alternate route from Helena to Elaine is highway 20. Watch your speed around the curves. Good luck and ecourage others to check out this website when they travel.

Hwy 178

Lake View, ArkansasJan 20, 20030 Comments

2 Police officers, one in a Late Model Crown Victoria, one in a Late Model Impala, both white w/ blue lights. Speed limit is 35 through town, and they’ll tag you for doing 2 over. These are fairly new officers, the old ones where lax, these are not. They love tourists. Its a tourists town, and if you have out of state tags, and you speed or anything else unlawful, you’ll get a ticket. I live in the township and they have tagged me many of times, but only have gotton a ticket once for speed, but have been harrassed for items such as a slightly tinted license plate frame. The speed changes quickly from 55-45-35, watch the changes, this is where they are at, and also right through town. You are usually safe after 1AM to do 55 right through town, but I don’t advise it.

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