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Lake View, ArkansasMar 21, 20062 Comments

The posted speed limit is 55 MPH on State Highway 178 on eihter side of this town. As you enter the town the limit drops to 35 MPH and there are no notifications that there is a speed reduction. Since the town is only aboout 4-6 blocks in width, is is easy for the city "officer" to "enforce" this speed limit. In many cases, he will pull out on the highway in the opposite direction of your travel, and even before you get the speed limit post he hits his lights, makes a u-turn and stops you. You will be ticketed for 50/35 as you attempt to comply with the speed limit posted. The fine is a standard $85.00 IF the officer decides to let you go with just a ticket.

This is a well known speed trap among most of the residence of northern Arkansas, including the county and circuit judges of the area.

This is really a shame since the Lakeview area is a nice area and just ripe for development as it sits on the southeast shores of Bull Shores Lake.

My advice, If you are heading to Bull Shores Lake – beware.

The speed limit on both sides of Lakeview is 45 miles MPH and has been for more the 25 years and are posted
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Driving west into Lakview on 178 the speed limit drops from 55 to 45 just before the city limit sign. Traveling through the town one drives over a mile before entering what looks like town. Just before a lttle rise the limit drops to 35, and remains so until you reach the west end of town about a half mile later. Then the limit goes back to 45 until just before you go around a right hand bend and cross the dam. The entire way the road is a no passing zone. I have seen tourist drive through town at speeds over 55 and pass slower (residents) drivers in the downtown area, with no regard for anyones saftey including their own. Why? to either get to a camp ground nearby and stop, or to exit the town only to be back in a 35 mph zone for the next 2 miles driving across the dam and through Bull Shoals. The officers in this town and Bull shoals will not stop anyone unless they are way over 5 miles above the limit.. So if you got tagged here it was because you ignored the 45mph limit and continued to drive 55 through a residential area and a resort town.. Slow down enjoy the scenery, stop and support the local business economy, or speed through and miss it and support the economy of city hall. It's your choice.....
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