Marshall, Arkansas Speed Traps

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Hwy 65 coming into Marshall, Arkansas

Marshall, ArkansasJul 02, 20120 Comments

There is a passing lane (one of the few areas you can pass slower moving drivers) but it’s right before you enter the town of Marshall. They wait at the bottom of a large hill as you top the hill you hit the city limits. Speed limit drops rapidly and you are going down hill (no chance to slow down). The town sheriff throws the light on before you even get half way to him.
This is a no win situation. Marshall is out of the way and there is no chance you want to drive all the way back up there to fight a ticket in their court. Big speed trap.

Passing Lanes

Marshall, ArkansasFeb 22, 20120 Comments

Watch the passing lanes near Marshall, Arkansas!

Slow down for the curves! That’s how they caught me.

Hwy 65 in Marshall

Marshall, ArkansasSep 02, 20110 Comments

The local police held me on the side of the road for almost an hour while he talked to his buddy on the side of the road. I also tried to make arrangements with the courts to pay the fine. They wouldn’t take my money in payments. I did let them know how I could pay and I did just that. I sent the payment in just as I said. Then they had my license revoked in MS and I had to pay another $150.00 for not coming to court. The ticket cost me over $300.00. If I had not contacted them, I would have understood. Very crooked town.

US Highway 65

Marshall, ArkansasOct 06, 20080 Comments

This town preys on tourists

US Highway 65 near State Highway 27

Marshall, ArkansasJul 31, 20071 Comments

Because of the area terrain this is one of the few areas to pass larger slower vehicles, law enforcement officers know this and constantly write tickets for speeds just over the limit.

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